Add an Image to an Email Experience

When you add dynamic content to your email experience, you can use an image or a countdown timer.


    Callout of the 'ADD DYNAMIC CONTENT' button

  2. Click IMAGE.

    Callout of the IMAGE button

  3. Use one of the three options to add the image:
    • Click CHOOSE to select an image from Content Manager. See Content Manager Overview for more information.
    • Click UPLOAD to add an image to Content Manager to use in the experience.
    • Click GENERATE to create a placeholder image.

    Callout of the CHOOSE, UPLOAD, and GENERATE buttons in the 'Select Layered Content' area

  4. Click SELECT to add the image to the dynamic content in the email experience, or click EDIT IN CONTENT BUILDER to edit the image before adding it to the email experience.

    Example of a selected image's details in Content Manager

  5. If you choose to edit the image, Content Builder launches with the image on the canvas. You can adjust a number of image properties using this tool. See the Content Builder section of the knowledge base for more information.

    Example of a selected image open in Content Builder

  6. Optionally, add to a specific area of the image a click zone that contains a link to a page on your site.
    1. Click Add Layer and then select Clickzone.

      Callout of the Add Layer menu and the Clickzone option

    2. Adjust the click zone area to the desired position and size on your canvas. For this example, a click zone was created over the text that appears on the image.

      Callout of the area of the image where the click zone is located

    3. Input the destination URL and configure the other related settings.

      Microsoft Outlook does not support the use of click zones in email. When a recipient with a Microsoft Outlook email address clicks a dynamic image, they're directed to a webpage only if you've added a click URL to the dynamic content on the Email Experience editor page.

    4. Click SAVE and then click CLOSE AND RETURN to exit Content Builder.
  7. Click SELECT to add the revised image to the email experience.

    Callout of the SELECT button

  8. Click ADD CLICK URL and then add the URL destination to which the recipient is directed after clicking anywhere on the image.

    Any click zone links added in Content Builder take priority over click URLs added on the Email Experience editor page, but you still must add a click URL to each piece of dynamic content in an email experience.

    Callout of the ADD CLICK URL button

After you add a click URL, continue to build the email experience as necessary, and then take the necessary steps to generate the HTML to send the email to recipients. See Create an Email Experience for more information.