Add Vertical Product Recommendations Container in Cart


  • Primary/secondary KPI: Revenue
  • Page type: Product detail page
  • Features used: Badging
  • Industry vertical: Outdoor apparel
  • Channel: Web/mobile

Illustration of a cart page with a vertical recommendations slider on the right side

Apparel brand adds vertical product recommendations to ensure visibility no matter the quantity of items in cart.



Ensuring visitors maintain momentum in their shopping journey through the cart page is critical for converting them into customers. However, the need for adding additional products to cart gives them an exit point in the journey.


  • Place product recommendations in the cart to alert customers to products that are frequently purchased together with ones in the cart
  • Include options to select product details and add immediately to the cart to mitigate exits
  • Layer in slot-level filters for additional control


  • Increase add to cart rate
  • Increase average order value
  • Increase conversion