Call Attention to Products with Product Badging


  • Primary/secondary KPI: Average page views
  • Page type: Product category
  • Features used: Badging
  • Industry vertical: Outdoor apparel
  • Channel: Web

Illustration of a search results page for an online retailer. One product shown has a 'Clearance' product badge.

Outdoor apparel retailer showcases different products based on bestsellers or ongoing promotions.



Visitor time and attention is often limited, and ensuring product findability on category pages is imperative to keep interest. In addition, your brand may be invested in running promotions on specific products to balance inventory.


  • Place virtual stickers on product images on category pages to highlight specific products
  • Utilize messaging on product features or promotions to encourage customers to interact with your merchandise


  • Increase average page views
  • Increase average order value
  • Increase revenue per session