Differentiate Homepage Theme Based on Visitor Location


  • Primary/secondary KPI: Bounce rate
  • Page type: Homepage
  • Features used: Segmentation, testing, weather-based targeting
  • Industry vertical: Apparel
  • Channel: Web

Illustration showing a retailer's original homepage layout mockup and a mockup for rain-specific version of the homepage

Outdoor retailer delivers rain-specific homepage to visitors with rain in their local 2-day weather forecast.



Visitors landing on your site come from all over geographically and are likely to be anticipating different weather conditions at any given time, with weather-specific intent and needs.


  • Segment visitors based on their location and local weather forecast in their region
  • Anticipate their needs by serving creatives best suited for their respective weather
  • Test variants to gain deep insights to the preferences of each segment


  • Reduce bounce by as much as 10%
  • Increase click-through rate
  • Increase conversion rate