Driving Traffic to Stores


  • Primary/secondary KPI: Revenue
  • Page type: Homepage
  • Features used: Segmentation, out-of-the-box targeting, geotargeting
  • Industry vertical: Sporting goods
  • Channel: Web/in-store

An online retailer's site with a banner targeted to Dallas-area customers

Apparel brand uses localized messaging on its website to drive traffic to its physical stores.



A sporting goods retailer's customers with the highest lifetime value leveraged its website and physical store to both research and purchase. It wanted to test the impact of online offers aimed to drive customers to its physical stores.


  • The retailer chose to deliver specific offers and nearest store information with "tippy top" banners
  • The retailer used Monetate's geotargeting data along with its proprietary custom metrics to deliver the right offer
  • The retailer attributed online visits to offline purchases using matching customer identifiers


$600,000 increase in revenue