Dynamic Content Eligibility

Open-Time Email analytics update hourly. The principal metric, clickthrough rate, determines the success of an experience through clicks on the dynamic content.

Email Group Determinations

The email content that a recipient sees is dynamically targeted at the time the recipient opens the email. Many different factors and stages go into the decision-making process. The following illustration provides an example of what content email recipients see and what section of analytics they fall into.

This process applies to every content area in an email experience.

Flowchart showing how email content is determined in an email experience

This diagram shows an experience that includes testing, which means that a percentage of the recipients who are eligible for the dynamic content see the default content for an experience. This is illustrated at the bottom of the diagram. The dynamic image tested in this experience targets recipients who open the email on an iPhone in Pennsylvania, New York, or Los Angeles. Additionally, recipients who open the email using a Gmail app or on a cellular network are determined ineligible for the experiment to assure the highest level of location-based accuracy. Keep in mind that you can adjust the eligibility of these recipients within the platform.

Dynamic Content Eligibility

Dynamic content eligibility helps you control the content served to Gmail users and recipients who open the email on a cellular network. While dynamic content helps personalize the email for each recipient, there are some circumstances under which you may want to disable it for certain groups.

Recipients who open an email using the Gmail website, the official Gmail iOS app, or the official Gmail Android app, load images via Google's proxy server. As a result, Gmail reported the location for email opens as Northern California (the location of Google's data center), which prevents Monetate from recognizing the recipient's actual location.

Recipients opening emails on a cellular network may have less accurate geo-locations reported because IP addresses associate with cellular towers and not the devices themselves. This situation can, at times, make location-based targeting less specific.

Based on the targets used in an email experience, you may want to disable dynamic content eligibility for these groups. Click Edit Dynamic Content Eligibility to change these settings.

Callout of the 'Edit Dynamic Content Eligibility' button on the email experience editor page

Adjust the appropriate toggle to enable or disable dynamic content for Gmail and cellular network subscribers.

Callout of the toggle to enable or disable dynamic content for Gmail users, and a callout of the toggle to enable or disable dynamic content for recipients opening the email while connected to a cellular network

Gmail Subscribers

By default, all Gmail recipients are ineligible for dynamic content in new Open-Time Email experiences.

Monetate recommends that you make Gmail subscribers ineligible to receive dynamic content when you use the following targets:

  • City
  • Near Locations
  • Country
  • State
  • Device Type
  • Device Platform
  • Weather

Subscribers Set to Not Eligible

Subscribers set to NOT ELIGIBLE receive default content and aren't placed into a control group. As a default, all cellular subscribers are set to ELIGIBLE for new experiences.