Monetate's Open-Time Email feature allows you to connect with your customers when they aren't on your website. With Open-Time Email experiences, you can determine the content of the message at the time the recipient opens it, allowing you to send relevant information to customers and to build long-lasting relationships.

The feature includes the ability to set up targeting rules for personalized email experiences. Once you create an email experience, Monetate generates an HTML snippet to add to the source code of the email you build in your email service provider (ESP). Here are additonal benefits of Open-Time Email:

  • Use it with any ESP
  • It integrates with any email template
  • Target content with real-time relevancy using single or multiple targets
  • Personalize content based on website behavior

Open-Time Email has many features to help you create and deliver email experiences with real-time relevancy. For example, you can add dynamic images to multiple content areas for each experience, and you can add multiple pieces of dynamic content for each experience.

After you create an email experience in the Monetate platform, it generates a snippet of HTML for your specified email service provider (ESP). Copy and paste that snippet into the source code of the email in your ESP, and then send the email out to your subscriber list.

When a recipient opens the email, a call is made to Monetate based on that HTML snippet that you'd pasted into the email's code. The platform then gathers the visitor information required to make a decision on which content to show based on the experience's targets.

Once Monetate determines the appropriate content, it sends the email back with the content included. For example, if you use dynamic text on a piece of content, the platform includes it in this step. The end result is that the recipient sees a dynamically generated email, with either dynamic images or default content personalized at the time of opening it.

After the initial email-opening action, the platform evaluates the email recipient for dynamic content eligibility every 15 minutes. If a recipient qualifies for dynamic content during a subsequent email-opening action, it can take 15 minutes after the initial open before the dynamic content displays in an email.

Illustration of the dynamic retrieval of relevant content to an email recipient from Monetate at the time the recipient opens the email

Email Recipients and the Monetate ID

To make the data gathered from email recipients more meaningful, Monetate must establish a relationship between your email recipient's unique identifier—an effective user ID (EUID) or email address—and their Monetate ID.

The platform captures the information to establish this relationship using proprietary technology to generate the most successful rate of matched unique identifiers and Monetate IDs, which allows email experiences to target based on site behavior.