Growing a Loyal Customer Base of Online Shoppers—Waitrose


  • Primary/secondary KPI: Conversion
  • Page type: Homepage
  • Features used: Segmentation
  • Industry vertical: Grocery, supermarket
  • Channel: Web

Illustration of two promotion banners. One offers the customer a discount if they place an order by a specific date. The other reminds the customer to order a product in the store by the same date.

Utilizing customer data to deliver targeted promotions.



  • The retailer needed to maximize revenue during the key, peak shopping holiday period.
  • Turkey sales are a key item for the retailer, but customer experience is also a focus, so promotions needed to be relevant.


  • Waitrose fed customer data from its loyalty program into Monetate. This allowed the retailer to only target visitors who bought a turkey last year but had not done so again this year.
  • The retailer then tested two different variations in messaging.


20% uplift in conversion