Individualize Content and Gain Behavioral Insight


  • Primary/secondary KPI: Click-through rate
  • Page type: Homepage
  • Features used: Automated Personalization
  • Industry vertical: Grocery
  • Channel: Web

Illustration showing three food item creatives for an Automated Personalization experience

Grocer uses one-to-one personalization to automatically select best content for each visitor based on three personas.



You have rich and engaging content on your site, but it's hard to determine what segments of your visitors the content will resonate best with. Without an understanding of these preferences, it's difficult to offer the best product mix.


  • Use one-to-one personalization to individualize content, based on 40+ contextual and behavioral attributes for each visitor.
  • Analyze results in real time to gain understanding of how different groups of visitors behave, and optimize product offerings based on these learnings.

A. Quick and Easy

  • People in the cities tend to be more likely to go for quick and easy cooking.
  • Heavy online shoppers tend to prefer quick and easy as well.

B. Comfort Food

  • Freezing temperatures triggering the need for warmer, wholesome food.
  • Those responding to comfort food had below median income.

C. Healthy Ideas

  • The start of the week is when people are more responsive to healthy recipes.
  • Income is irrelevant—healthy living isn't necessarily about cost and budgets.


  • Increase clicks on content by as much as 7%
  • Gain deep insights on visitor behavior to further engage them with optimized product offerings