Install the React SDK

This documentation guides you through setting up and implementing the React SDK.


You must have Node and Yarn installed to set up this SDK. Refer to the installation instructions for Node and Yarn for more information.

Installing and Importing Packages

The SDK consists of two packages:

  • React Native: For applications using the React Native framework
  • Common: Methods and constants shared between the other two packages

To install the SDK packages, complete the following steps:

  1. Set the default Artifactory npm registry using the following command:
    npm config set @personalization-js-sdk:registry
  2. Install the desired SDK packages using the following commands:
    npm install @personalization-js-sdk/react-native --legacy-peer-deps
    npm install @personalization-js-sdk/common --legacy-peer-deps

Getting Started

To initialize an object to communicate with the Engine API, use the following code:

const sdkInstace = new Personalization(account, user);