Preview an Email Experience

Each piece of dynamic content has a snippet of code used for preview only so that you can simulate what qualifying subscribers see if they meet the targeting rules applied to this content. Copy and paste the code into your email service provider's email template, positioned exactly where you want the images hosted in the Monetate platform to appear.

You can only use this code to preview content. Monetate doesn't include opens and click-through rate of this preview in tracking and results.

Follow these steps to preview a piece of dynamic content in an email experience.

  1. Click PREVIEW HTML to generate an HTML preview snippet for that specific content.

    Callout of the PREVIEW HTML button

  2. Paste the HTML snippet that appears in the dialogue box into into your email service provider (ESP) exactly where you want that image to appear.
  3. Send the test email to yourself or to your team.
  4. Repeat this process for every piece of dynamic content that you want to test before you generate the final HTML snippet.

This process is beneficial for two reasons. First, you can test each piece of dynamic content even if you don't qualify for the targeting rules. Second, you can see how the email will appear in different email clients such as Windows Mail, Gmail, Outlook, etc.