Request Custom Actions

While the majority of the actions you use can be easily built using Action Builder, you may need Monetate developers to build an action for you.

Use this form to submit a request for a custom action. Here are some examples of the actions that you can request:

  • Cart upsell: Add an individual product to the cart page. These could be used to add one specific product to all cart views, such as gift wrapping.
  • Badging*: Allows you to personalize products for your customers so that the same item can have different badges for different types of customers. This type of action you could use to add a "NEW" badge on listing pages for returning customers and a "TOP RATED" badge for new visitors.
  • Lightbox (email lightbox/general lightbox/on-click lightbox): Add a lightbox to draw a customer's attention. Common uses of these would be to serve a email sign-up box or highlight a promotion.
  • Social Proof*: Add a "fear of missing out" message to your customers, such as "[no.] customers have purchased this item in the last [no.] days."
  • Custom product recommendations*: Add product recommendations to any location on your site. Product recommendations are a great way to drive incremental revenue and also show customers products that they might not have realized that they require.
  • Rotating banner: Add a rotating banner. For example, a banner rotating through shipping messages, promotions, and even returns information on the top of the site.
  • Custom action: This option covers most requests that don't fit any of the other category options. For example, you want to add a banner or a countdown timer to your site in a particular place.

*May require additional contractual agreements. Contact your dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) if you need to confirm if you can use them.

When submitting your request for a custom action, include as much information as possible. Ensure that you include clear acceptance criteria.

Acceptance Criteria

To ensure that a request is completed with few delays, include acceptance criteria so that the team can fully understand the requirements that must be met. Convey to the developers and QA team through the acceptance criteria the exact information they need without being too broad or too detailed.

Your ticket will not be worked on if it doesn't include acceptance criteria.

Here are examples of good acceptance criteria:

  • Works on mobile only
  • Matches the styling of design with CSS provided
  • The action hides the field upon completion
  • Only shown after 30 seconds
  • Not to be seen more than once in a session
  • Works on Safari browser only

Contact your dedicated CSM or Digital Consultant if you have additional questions about acceptance criteria.

Once you submit the form, you and your Digital Consultant will receive a summary via email.