Retailer Tests New vs Returning Category Page Carousel


  • Primary/secondary KPI: Revenue per session
  • Page type: Product category page
  • Features used: Recommendations
  • Industry vertical: Home goods
  • Channel: Web

A recommendations carousel on a Women's product category page. The recommendations are based on bestsellers and products within that category previously viewed or purchased

Using A/B testing alongside behavioral targets to test and segment different products to new vs returning visitors



  • A home goods retailer wanted to test a better product category page carousel experience
  • The retailer was looking for an easy place to start, so it looked at differentiating the products for new vs. returning visitors


  • From past experience the retailer knew that presenting bestsellers or newest products resonated the best for the different segments it was targeting
  • It also was able to base the experience of returning visitors using products from category previously viewed or purchased


  • 9% uplift in revenue per session
  • Increase in average order value by as much as 5%
  • Increase in time on site by as much as 4%