Retailer Used Personalization to Promote ‘New Arrivals’ and 'Menswear' Category Launch


  • Primary/secondary KPI: Recommendation demand
  • Page type: Homepage
  • Features used: Recommendations, slotting
  • Industry vertical: Apparel, luxury
  • Channel: Web

Illustration showing 'Best Sellers' recommendations, 'Trending in Your Area' recommendations, 'You Might Like' recommendations, and 'Others Also Bought' recommendations based on the visitor's customer data

Slotting, dayparting, and dynamic filters allow for representation of key categories for launch.



A luxury retailer wanted to enhance the site entry experience and promote new product arrivals, including its new line of men's clothing.


  • Dynamic and customized Home & Gateway placements that includes representation on new navigation for men
  • Customized "New Arrivals" aligns with product launch schedule
  • Relevancy attained through configuration of visual history settings
  • Use of slotting and dynamic filters ensures representation of key categories
  • Use of dayparting attributes ensures client displayed hero shots and recommendations aligned across three time zones


1.2% uplift in recommendation demand