Slotted Recommendations Encouraging Build-Your-Own Outfit


  • Primary/secondary KPI: Add to cart rate, Conversion
  • Page type: Product detail page
  • Features used: Slotted recommendations, Testing
  • Industry vertical: Outdoor retailer, fashion
  • Channel

Illustration of a 'Customers Also Bought' slider of recommendations on a product details page



Regatta wanted to see if showing a mix of jackets, trousers, and footwear in the experience instead of just a random assortment of "Purchased and Also Purchased" products would increase conversion rate.


Regatta used slotted recommendations to create "build your outfit' style recommendations. They tested three strategies—Bought Also Bought Jackets, Bought Also Bought Trousers, and Bought Also Bought Footwear—against the standard, uncategorized Purchased and Also Purchased recommendation.


  • Increase in add to cart rate by as much as 5%
  • 4% lift in conversion rate
  • 4% increase in average page views

Read Regatta's full story in the case study.