Test & Optimize UX Elements on Product Detail Pages


  • Primary/secondary KPI: Add to cart rate
  • Page type: Product detail page
  • Features used: Badging
  • Industry vertical: Outdoor apparel
  • Channel: Web/mobile

Illustration of the existing layout of a product details page for an online retailer and an experimental layout of the same page with the same elements arranged differently

Retailer tests different layouts, button colors, sizes, and shapes on product detail pages.



When visitors arrive at product detail pages, they must be convinced to purchase the product they see. However, determining the optimal combination of copy, layout, and information that encourages customers is difficult.


  • Test for various UX elements, such as button size, copy, and visuals, utilizing easy-to-read text, clear calls to action, and contrasting colors
  • Observe and analyze impacts to key performance metrics and promote winning variant to full audience


  • Increase add-to-cart rate
  • Increase average order value
  • Increase conversion