Use Case: Create Endcaps to Cross-Sell and Upsell Products


Customers want convenience and they love online shopping. They can do it anywhere and at anytime; however, they may be miss out on the expert advice your in-store employees provide. Your customers can't ask "What goes well with this purse" or "Do you have a hat that matches this scarf?" Chances are, you're missing out on potential up-sell and cross-sell opportunities on your site.


Nothing beats a great customer experience. If a customer can buy the same item for the same price in three different places, the business that creates the best experience is the winner nearly every time. Including endcaps to recommend products can simulate the experience of having an expert helping your customers, even online.


First, you must create a merchandiser set to use in the endcap. You can use preset algorithms, such as bestsellers, or for a personalized touch you can hand pick the items you want to display in the set. Some ideas for this type of set include accessories to complete an outfit or brands that are similar to the selected product. See Merchandiser Sets for more information.

Once you create the merchandiser set, you can display it on your site using an endcap. Endcaps can be customized with CSS to match the look and feel of the page they appear on. See Endcap Guide for more information.

Once you've created an endcap and populated it with a merchandiser set, create a new experience and select an endcap action type for the WHAT settings. Finish building the experience as you normally would and activate it.

Next Steps

You don't need to do anything else with your endcap, but you can always see how the endcap experience is performing by checking the experience results.