October 26, 2021

Resolved an Issue with Special Characters in Engine API Requests Throwing 500 Errors

Corrected an issue that caused special characters in Engine API requests to result in 500 errors instead of the 200 status.

Resolved an Issue Causing the Recommendations Overview Dashboard to Incorrectly Report Recommendations Experiences

Corrected an issue that caused the Recommendations Overview dashboard to report active recommendations experiences along with recommendations experiences that ran during the selected lookback period when in fact the account had no live recommendations experiences and vice versa.

Fixed an Issue with Warning Messages in Product Finder

Corrected an issue in the Product Finder wizard that was preventing the appearance of the pop-up message warning a user about unsaved changes.

Restricted Content

Internal Distribution Only

Fixed an Issue with Action Builder

Resolved an issue that prevented an Action Builder user from being able to select a different action type to build.

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October 12, 2021

Resolved an Issue with ID Collectors

Corrected an issue that prevented a user from deleting an ID Collector.

Resolved an Engine API Issue Involving Incorrect IP Address Location Information

Corrected an issue in which the Engine AP was inaccurately identifying the country of origin for some IP addresses received from a client in data sessions.

Fixed an Issue with Filters in Product Finder

Corrected an issue with filters used in Product Finder questions that was causing some customers to see the same products regardless of how they answered the questions.

Resolved an Engine API Issue Causing Truncated Variant Labels

Corrected an issue that was causing variant label responses to be truncated in Engine API responses.

Implemented Run-Time Criteria–Type Filter for Recommendation Strategies

Users can now create a filter for a recommendation strategy that uses the value from a specified custom variable that is passed at run time.

Added Scarcity Messaging Option to Social Proof Actions

A Social Proof action can now be configured so that no message appears when the product's inventory reaches a designated level.

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Internal Distribution Only

Fixed Issue with a Recommendation Algorithm Related to Lookback Periods

Resolved an issue involving the Newest recommendation algorithm, the lookback period, and the availability_date product catalog attribute that caused the recommended products to display old products.

Implemented Schema Type for Inventory Datasets

Added support for the schema type for the forthcoming Inventory dataset, which includes fixed-column schema for preliminarily SKU, PID, and available quantity.

Implemented load_dio.py Changes to Load New Inventory Schema Type

Implemented new dispatch and query for inventory data.

Implemented load_dio.py Changes to Load New POS Dataset Type and Dispatch by Schema Type

Implemented load_dio.py changes to load new Point of Sale dataset type and dispatch by schema type.

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September 28, 2021

Added Support for General Filters with Recommendations Precompute

General filters and recommendation filters are now applied when calculating precompute.

Modified Recommendation Strategy Preview Message

The default message about previewing a recommendation strategy has been modified to inform users that a preview is not available for strategies configured with recommendation algorithms that rely on data calculated in real time, such as Recently Viewed and Replenishment.

Implemented Additional Product Attribute-Based Action Conditions

The On product page category of action conditions now includes options to target or exclude pages for products based on a product attribute-based filter.

Implemented 90-Day Limit for Behavioral Triggers Extract Update History

The Update History table for a Behavioral Triggers Extract dataset is now limited to the previous 90 days. The table had previously displayed all results.

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Internal Distribution Only

Fixed an Issue Causing 'None' Values to Appear for Boost and Bury

Resolved an issue that caused None values were appearing for the Boost and Bury setting for recommendation strategies.

Fixed Bug Occurring When Duplicating No-Fetch Actions

Corrected an issue that was occurring when duplicating no-fetch actions across domains.

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September 14, 2021

Added 'No Results Found' Notice in Product Finder

Product Finder now notifies a customer with a "No Results Found" message when it cannot return recommendations based on the customer's answers to the questions in the Product Finder questionnaire.

Implemented Product Finder API Integration

Implemented a new Product Finder action type for Omnichannel experiences that can be returned by the Engine API.

Implemented Precompute and Markets for Viewed and Also Viewed, Purchased and Also Purchased Recommendation Algorithms

The Viewed and Also Viewed and the Purchased and Also Purchased recommendation algorithms have been added to precompute so that they can make use of market-level data.

Fixed UI Issue for Editing Target Names

The button users click to edit the name of a target now works so that users can edit a target's name and save that change.

Added 'Quantity' Field to Product Catalog

The product catalog specification now supports the quantity field so that clients can pass inventory counts to the platform using their product catalogs.

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Internal Distribution Only

Fixed a Warning Issue Error for Product Finder

Resolved an issue that caused a warning error about unsaved changes to appear in the Product Finder wizard regardless of the user saving the Product Finder configuration.

Retrofitted realtime_socialproofing_eval.py to Send Batch Redis Requests

Changed realtime_socialproofing_eval.py to accept a variable amount of product IDs and to send a batch request to redis.

Fixed ID Collector Bug

Corrected a bug that prevented new data for an ID Collector from being saved.

Revised the ID Collector Quickview Modal

Some UI changes were made to the ID Collector Quickview modal that's accessible on the ID Collector page that appears to clients that have the one-click DATASETS option in the top navigation bar in the platform.

Applied Patch to page_event_id Field

Applied a patch so that clean_page_event_id only allows strings in the page_event_id field.

Fixed Recommendation Strategy Preview Bug

Corrected multiple bugs occurring in the recommendation strategy preview function.

Fixed Scrollbar in Email Recommendations Images

Corrected an issue so that now the scrollbar is hidden in email recommendations images.

Fixed Filter Issue with Noncollaborative Recommendation Algorithms

Corrected an issue so that now users cannot build a recommendation strategy with a noncollaborative recommendation algorithm and a recommendation filter with a dynamic value that's specific to collaborative recommendation algorithms.

Made Backend Updates for Social Proof Messaging Scarcity Alerts

Updated the backend work necessary to include inventory-based scarcity messaging in social proof messaging.

Made Product Catalog 'Quantity' Field Available for Recommendation Filter

The new quantity field in the product catalog can be used for a recommendation filter in a recommendation strategy.

This Sprint's Ticket Numbers

August 31, 2021

Fixed Issue with Product Viewed WHO Target

Corrected an issue that was preventing the Product viewed WHO target from working with product IDs that contain special characters.

Added Social Proof Messaging for More Page Types

Users can now use the Social Proof Messaging feature on product listing pages, search results pages, and cart pages.

Added Maximum Threshold Setting for Social Proof Messaging

The Maximum Threshold setting on the Social Proof Messaging action template enables the user to manage shoppers' perception of products becoming too popular by optionally configuring the maximum number of social media messages that can appear and what happens when the threshold is met.

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Internal Distribution Only

Fixed Issue with Recommendations and Account Errors in Diagnostic Logs

Resolved an issue that was causing recommendations actions to throw account errors even when the action is configured correctly.

Fixed Issue with Recommendation Strategies Stuck in 'Data Pending' State

Corrected an issue that was causing data for some recommendation strategies to be stuck in the "DATA PENDING" state and the information in the DATA COMPUTED column on the Recommendation Strategies list page and on a strategy's configuration page to only show "DATA PENDING."

Error Message for Invalid File Uploads when Creating a Custom List Dataset

The UI has been modified to prevent users from uploading an invalid file when creating a Custom List dataset.

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August 17, 2021

Made Merchandise Tab of Action Builder Available to Clients with Recommendations

Clients who have purchased the Recommendations add-on now can access the Merchandise tab in Action Builder.

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Internal Distribution Only

Fixed Issue with Uploading Images to Product Finder

Corrected an issue with image upload for single- and multi-answer functionality that caused the uploaded image to disappear after saving it in a Product Finder questionnaire.

Fixed Issue with Image Upload in Product Finder Preview Questionnaire

Corrected an issue with image upload in the Product Finder preview questionnaire that caused the uploaded image to disappear after uploading.

Datasets Stuck in 'Data Pending' State

Corrected an issue that caused recommendations datasets to be stuck in the "DATA PENDING" state.

Fixed Save Functionality for Customer Attributes Datasets

Corrected an issue with the SAVE button on the Add Attribute modal for Customer Attributes datasets always being enabled.

Deprecated Social Proof Services Not in Real Time

Deprecated the social proof messaging services so that clients with the Social Proof add-on leverage the real-time services.

Added Recommendations Timing Logs for Querying in Athena

Added new engine timings and metrics for querying in Athena.

This Sprint's Ticket Numbers

August 3, 2021

Fixed an Issue with Recommendation Strategies Using Last Item Viewed Algorithm

Corrected an issue that was preventing recommendation strategies based on the Last Item Viewed recommendation algorithm from returning products to populate the recommendation slider.

Fixed 'Data Pending' Issue with Recommendation Strategy Processing

Corrected an issue of data getting stuck in the pending state, so now recommendation strategies process consistently.

Fixed an Issue with Locations Manager Partial Upload

Corrected an issue that caused data retention failure when using the Partial Upload Only option to update Locations Manager.

Added Ability to Preview Recommendation Strategy Results

The new Preview modal allows users to see up to the first 10 recommended products returned by a recommendation strategy. Users access the modal by clicking a button on the strategy's configuration page.

Improved Recommendation Strategy Configuration Page UI

The UI of the recommendation strategy configuration page has changed so that the Base Recommendation on setting for collaborative recommendation algorithms has been replaced with two settings: the Base Recommendation on Items setting for selecting the type of customer behavior on which to base the recommendations, and the From setting for selecting the session scope from which to draw the customer behavior data. These changes give the user a better experience when configuring a recommendation strategy.

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Internal Distribution Only

Improved Action Duplication with Dataset WHO Targets

Corrected a bug in the UI so that now when users duplicate an experience with a dataset-based WHO target into another account, the copy of the experience shows the correct dataset, which is specific to the account.

This Sprint's Ticket Numbers

July 20, 2021

Improvement in Datasets List Page

Improved the UI for the Datasets list page that appears for clients that have the one-click DATASETS option in the top navigation bar.

Fixed Internal Server Error for Product Finder

Corrected an issue that was throwing an internal server error when trying to delete a Product Finder questionnaire.

Restricted Content

Internal Distribution Only

Fixed Boost and Bury Error for Recommendation Strategies

Corrected a bug that was occurring when trying to configure Boost and Bury in a recommendation strategy.

Fixed Data API Error

Corrected a bug so that now users can update a product catalog using the Data API.

Fixed an Engine API Conflict Error

Corrected a bug for a conflict error for Engine API, and now users can create an Engine API event with a unique key for each event.

Fixed Internal Server Error for ID Collectors

Corrected a bug that was causing an internal server error when deleting an ID Collector.

Add Instructional Content Field Added to Create Product Finder Wizard

The Add Instructional Content field in the Create Product Finder wizard allows users to include text with a Product Finder question to help the customer better understand the question and how to answer it.

Fixed Product Finder Invalid Image Upload Issue

Corrected a bug that was causing the screen to be blank when uploading an invalid image to a Product Finder answer field.

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July 6, 2021

Added Ability to Edit Market Name

Users can now edit a market name and save it. If the same name is already in use for another market, then the change is not saved and a warning appears.

Restricted Content

Internal Distribution Only

Fixed Issue: Experience Paused Without Acknowledging Confirmation

Implemented a fix for an experience that was paused without a user acknowledging the confirmation checkbox.

Fixed Display of Named Identifier Menu on ID Collector Quickview Modal

The display of the options in Named Identifier on the ID Collector Quickview modal was changed so that none of the options are partially covered. This change applies only to accounts with the one-click DATASETS option in the top navigation bar.

This Sprint's Ticket Numbers

June 22, 2021

Fixed Bug: Unable to Duplicate Experience

An issue was fixed that was preventing a user to duplicate an experience.

Fixed Issue: Custom Lists for Badging

Products can now be badged using custom lists.

Implemented Return Recommendations Tokens to Return with Product Recommendations

These return recommendations tokens that are returned with recommendations are used for reporting.

Implemented Affinity Scores for Onboarded Recommendations Datasets

These affinity scores allow onboarded Recommendations datasets to work with the randomization setting and with Boost and Bury in recommendation strategies.

Implemented Activation Confirmation on Experience List Page

An experience is now activated only if the user confirms the activation on the Experience list page. This step prevents a user from accidentally turning on an experience just by clicking ACTIVATE on the Experience Editor page.

Implemented Contains Filter with Multiple String Values

The Contains filter in recommendation strategies now supports multiple values.

Added Delete Functionality for Markets

With the delete functionality, retailers can now delete unused markets as well as edit and create them.

Restricted Content

Internal Distribution Only

Fixed Issue: Duplicating an Experience into a Market

While duplicating an experience into a market, the corresponding accounts are now checked when a specific market is selected so that the experience is duplicated correctly.

Implemented Success Message After a Custom List Is Updated

Users now see a success message once their changes to a custom list dataset are made.

This Sprint's Ticket Numbers

June 8, 2021

Fixed Bug: Recommendations Throws Error Despite Catalog Loading Without Error

Recommendation were throwing an error due to special characters in spite of the catalog loading properly. This error was fixed such that recommendations can evaluate the data properly.

Improved Boost and Bury Randomize Recommendations Toggle UX

Relocated the Randomize Recommendations toggle to a better location below the lookback period configuration.

Implemented Subsequently Purchased Premium Recommendation Type

Subsequently Purchased premium recommendation type implemented to be used for cross-selling and re-engagement purposes.

General Availability for Markets

With the removal of the feature flag, clients can now access the Markets feature without having to request access to it for the account.

Fixed Issue: Deleting a Recommendation Strategy

Retailers can now delete a recommendation strategy.

Fixed Issue: Catalog Email Notifications Not Being Sent Earlier

Personalization users who have enabled the option to receive the catalog email notifications now receive the emails for catalog changes across the retailer.

Implemented New Recommendation Strategy Report

New recommendation strategy report provides marketers a view into the performance of different strategies.

Restricted Content

Internal Distribution Only

Created Sample App to Test React-Native Personalization SDK

Implemented a sample app for mobile and iOS for consuming the React-native Personalization SDK.

Implemented Sample Core Web App Consuming Our SDK

Implemented a sample app for Web app for consuming the Web app SDK.

Implemented Mono Repo Using Lerna

Mono repo created using Lerna for JavaScript Core Personalization SDK.

Implemented 'Read Me' for Personalization SDK

"Read Me" implemented for Personalization SDK to know how to use the SDK.

Added Support for Multiple Modification Sets in Content Management System

With this support we can now pass modifications from multiple experiences at once, and it applies them all at once.

This Sprint's Ticket Numbers

May 25, 2021

Fixed Bug with Duplicating Automated Personalization Experiences

Corrected a bug that occurred when duplicating an Automated Personalization experience with a single variant holdout that caused it to change to random assignment

Improved Content Type Search in Content Stack CMS Redirect with Transforms

Expanded search capabilities to include a type ahead and increases the maximum number of results returned.

Added Archive Ability to Custom Lists

Added the ability to archive custom lists in recommendation strategies, action conditions, and WHO targets.

Improved Endcap Reporting

Extended session length to capture all views and clicks for endcaps.

Restricted Content

Internal Distribution Only

Improved Product Finder Answer Navigation to Support Future Capabilities

Required step for the future work of adding in image and helper text at the answer level

Integrate Product Finder Answer Filters into the New Framework

Updates the UX of filtering at the answer to support future feature enhancements

Added Support for Custom Catalog Fields to Product Finder

Product Finder now supports filtering by and including custom catalog fields in product recommendations

Fixed a Bug When Adding Accounts Using the MUI

Corrected an issue where adding new adidas domains to the MUI resulted in an internal server error

Fixed Missing Exact Match Operator for Product Type

Corrected an issue where the exact equality operator was not available when filtering recommendations by product_type

Bug Fixes and Improvements for Behavioral Triggers

Fixed Predictive Slotting No Results Failure

Corrected an issue where predictive slotting actions would fail if one of the recommendation strategies returned no results

Added Support for Premium Models Feature Flag

Improved existing toggles and created a premium model feature flag that could enable/disable all premium models

Improved Error Handling for CMS Transforms check_conflicts

adidas CMS transforms check_conflicts should work with entry-point in the adidas specific section not core

Added Conflict Warnings in CMS Transforms Library

adidas CMS transforms check_conflicts should work with entry-point in the adidas specific section not core and surfaces errors to the caller when conflicts happen

This Sprint's Ticket Numbers

May 11, 2021

Contact your Client Success Manager (CSM) for more information about premium capabilities.

Boost and Bury—New (Premium) Capability

Boost (push products to the top) or Bury (push products to the bottom) based on the product attribute of your choice in a product recommendations strategy.

Fixed Error During Creation of Automated Personalization Experiences

No error should appear when creating an Automated Personalization experience.

Fixed Naming of Fields for Automated Personalization Experiences

The Custom Target Name should now be shown to the end user in the analytics report for an Automated Personalization experience.

Account Search Improvements

Improvements to speed while searching for or switching between accounts in the Kibo Personalization UI.

Fixed Bug Regarding Duplicate Products by PIDs

Deduplicate products based on PIDs instead of SKUs.

Additional Filter Option for Product Type Match

Allows user to set a recommendation filter with product_type to match the exact entry in the product catalog.

Restricted Content

Internal Distribution Only

Behavioral Triggers—New Premium Capability

Obtain customer data on products they either browsed and abandoned or carted and abandoned. Use this data to trigger messaging via your email services provider or other platform of your choice.

Markets—New Capability

Configure Markets for various geographies that use the same data across recommendation strategies and experiences.

New Recommendation Strategy Report

A new report is available to view how experiences are performing with recommendation strategies.

Randomize Recommendation Results—New Capability

Ability to randomize the results returned by a recommendation strategy.

Fixed Issue of Client Being Unable to Use Purchase History as a Lookup Key

Activated the Enable for Cross Device button.

Collect Search Events for Track Events

Ability to track search events for customers.

Ability to Control the Number of Products Returned by Product Finder

User now has the ability to set how many items are shown to the end user for Product Finder, with a maximum of 50.

Fixed Product Finder 'And' Logic

When the user selects multiple inputs, the logic is now evaluated as an "Or" statement.

Product Finder Bug—Screen Goes Blank After Clicking EDIT

Bug fixed so that screen won't go blank when the user tries to edit Product Finder.

This Sprint's Ticket Numbers

April 27, 2021

Fixed Error Messaging For Non-Unicode CSV File Upload

Uploading a CSV with non-Unicode characters now returns an appropriate error message

Fixed the Homepage URL When Duplicating an Experience

Duplicating an experience with a Product API or product ID now has the correct homepage URL

Added Current Cart Value to Insert Dynamic HTML Action

Current Cart Value is now a valid choice when creating an Insert Dynamic HTML action

Restricted Content

Internal Distribution Only

New Relic Error Cleanup

Low-hanging fruit cleanup of the new relic logs

Separate Snowflake Users & Warehouses for Product Recs Modeling

Update old-recs and precompute modeling to each use their own user and to use an appropriately configured warehouse that won't cost us more than necessary.

Lock Product Finder Strategy upon Creation

Restricted changing strategies after to completion to prevent a messy state where answer filters could be from an old strategy

Removed Deprecated Recommendation Service from Product Finder

All references to an unused, deprecated service have been removed from the code

Product Finder Performance Improvements

Reduced overhead when making calls to the product catalog for the selected recommendation

Fixed Product Finder Action Updates not Reflecting in the Experience

Modifications to the Product Finder action will not be reflected in any associated experiences.

Fixed Automated Slotting Reporting with Multiple Experiences

Ensures only predictive slotting experiences the user qualified for (per WHO targets and action conditions) are generated, cached and logged when a user was eligible for multiple predict slotting experiences.

This Sprint's Ticket Numbers

Upcoming Product Releases

  • Boost and Bury, Behavioral Triggers, and Certona Premium Models
  • Product Finder: Currently in Beta, GA in July.

March 16, 2021

Bug Fix—PER-227 Product Count Is Empty

Description: On the dataset detail page for product catalogs, the "Products: ###" display showing the total count of products in the catalog was unintentionally removed in a previous update. It has been restored.

Bug Fix—PER-222 Custom Reports Outdated Message

Description: When creating a custom report in the platform and the WHEN is configured to pull data for "all days available" we display the following message: This time range includes data from before and after Monetate's session update on May 1, 2016. All Analytics remain actionable.

Bug Fix—PER-216 HTML Countdown Timer—Wrong End Time

Description: When creating an HTML Countdown Timer and select the next day as the end time for the countdown timer, the HTML renders an incorrect end time. For example, creating the HTML Countdown Timer today 2/9/2021 and selecting tomorrow same time for the end time, the HTML renders: There are 51 years, 7 weeks, 3 days, 22 hours, 47 minutes.

Bug Fix—PER-215 Engine Insights: Internal Server Error

Description: Engine Insights tab is rendering an Internal 500 Error and not loading.

Issue—DEC3-173 Implement Certona Trending v2

Description: The Trending strategy identifies products that have recently started converting at a higher rate. It captures the period of time in which products are becoming popular, before they become top sellers. - This algorithm looks at the sales volume (quantity of items sold) over the past 7 days (short period) compared to the 30 days (long period) before that and returns results ordered by largest increase. This is available under Premium Models feature flag and clients that have access to advanced recommendations module will be able to use it.

Issue—CD3-962 Replace Dynamic Test Number on Dashboard Page

Description: The Dynamic Test summary on the Dashboard currently includes text like this: Dynamically allocated 1.3M sessions to higher performing variants. However, we observed that the Druid query that calculates that number is not performant, so we updated the dashboard text in this summary: Dynamically allocated 1.3M sessions

Issue—CD3-743 Show No Data State for Product Catalog Search Tab While Results Are Still Populating

Description: After a product catalog is updated and the data is ingested, it takes a few minutes before that data is made available for search in the UI. On the search tab, rather than showing a blank page during this time, we have added a message that indicates that the data will be available soon.

Restricted Content

Internal Distribution Only

Issue—DEC3-243 Custom Fields for Predictive Slotting

Description: As a marketer, I'd like to be able to use Custom Fields in Predictive Slotting actions so that my sliders can contain detailed information just like my regular recs sliders.

Technical Notes: This effectively involves adding the custom fields inputs to the Action configuration logic and action template as well as accounting for custom fields in the Track evaluation path. Existing actions or action templates with no value set should default to no custom fields.

Issue—CD3-908 Backend Changes to Strategies to Support Markets

Description: Backend changes to recommendation strategies were made to support Markets.