Common Product Catalog Validation Errors

If Monetate detects an issue while processing a file upload, one of the following error messages appears.

Error TypeDescription
Wrong File TypeThe catalog file is in an unsupported file format.
Improper File EncodingThe file doesn't use UTF-8 encoding and must be reformatted.
This field is required and may not be nullEach row in the file must contain a value for each required attribute.
Missing Column HeadersThe file is missing one or more column headers provided in the schema. Column headers must match in both files.
Extra Columns ProvidedThe file contains columns that are not in the schema. Columns in both files must match.
Duplicate Column HeadersOne or more column headers appear more than once in the catalog file, so you must remove the duplicates.
Row Value Doesn't Match Its Data TypeThe data in a row doesn't match the expected data type.
Unknown NaN Field on Line 1Line 1 ends with a comma, which indicates that another field should appear after the comma, but no text is present. The result is a NaN (not a number) error. Remove the comma and then process the file again.
System ErrorMonetate had an unexpected error while processing the file. Submit a support ticket using the Monetate Technical Support portal ( to resolve the issue.