Personalization Experiences

On the surface, personalization experiences, commonly referred to as Automated Personalization experiences in the Monetate platform, may appear to be the same as segmentation experiences since both leverage personas and different content delivered to different audiences. However, personalization experiences go further by adding algorithm-driven automated decisions.

Personalization experiences offer a true one-to-one experience to each user by using a machine-learning and algorithmic approach to drive conversions based on decision context and clearly differentiated persona-driven content. They use all the information known about an individual at that moment to dynamically deliver the most relevant experience for that person. To be successful with this experience type, you should adhere to these principles when building an Automated Personalization experience:

  • Build differentiated, persona-driven content alternatives. Use distinct content across variants and avoid generic changes (text, reordering existing page elements, etc.).
  • Craft "best fit" content alternatives for one persona. Avoid offering a "good fit" for multiple personas. The content change should be unique and a reflection of the individual, not broad enough to encompass many varied individuals.
  • Make content easily discoverable for optimal visibility and interaction. Avoid content changes "below the fold."
  • Make bold experience changes as high as possible in the conversion funnel. More traffic means a larger audience pool exposed to the variants.
  • Avoid low-traffic exposure areas of the site. Lower-traffic pages and pages that are too far along in the funnel are less likely to provide the Engine with the data it needs to learn and improve Automated Personalization experiences quickly and effectively.

Case Study


Differentiated, persona-driven content alternatives (home page main hero + layout)

Objective and Hypothesis

Delivering highly differentiated creative content based on personas defined by prior learning and segmentation experiences early in a session and consistently across multiple pages can drive traffic to the right products where customers are more likely to add to cart and ultimately purchase.


  • Surfer | Action-seeker
  • Commuter | Professional
  • Skater | Street casual

An Automated Personalization experience configured to show three different versions of a banner, as seen in an old version of the Monetate user interface

Scratching the Surface

The content presented in the methodology training materials is only the baseline for the strategic approach you can take within Monetate. Our Strategy & Insights team is here to help develop a personalized approach to your specific business goals. For more information, contact your Client Success Manager.