Add Custom Metrics to an Experience

You can add one or more events that you've created in Event Builder as custom metrics to an experience before activating it.

You can't include custom metrics in Multivariate Test (MVT) experiences.

If you want to do add a custom metric to an active experience, you must duplicate it and then add the custom metric to the copy. See Duplicate an Experience for more information.

Follow these steps to add an event as a custom metric to an experience.

  1. Create a new Web experience, or open in Experience Editor an existing experience to which you want to add a custom metric.
  2. Click WHY.

    Callout of the WHY settings in Experience Editor

  3. Select the type of experience you want to run, and then click NEXT.

    Callout of the Web experience type options and the NEXT button

  4. To make a custom metric the goal metric, scroll or search by name to find it, and then click the star icon to select it. Otherwise, select a default system metric for the goal metric. Click NEXT.

    Animated demonstration of a user scrolling through the list of default system metrics and custom metrics available to select for the goal metric, selecting 'Conversion rate' for the goal metric, and then clicking the NEXT button

  5. Optionally, add one or more custom metrics as secondary metrics.
    1. Click ADD METRIC.

      Callout of the ADD METRIC button

    2. Scroll or search by name to find the custom metric you want to add, and then click to select it. Repeat as necessary. Click CHOOSE SELECTED.

      Animated demonstration of a user selecting two custom metric options and then clicking the CHOOSE SELECTED button in the Add Metrics modal

  6. Click NEXT.

    Callout of the NEXT button

  7. Click SAVE.

    Callout of the SAVE button

  8. Complete the WHO, WHAT, and WHEN settings of the experience as necessary, and then click ACTIVATE to launch the experience or PREVIEW to ensure the experience is configured as you want.