Page Metrics

The full list of Page Metrics for a selected page type in the journey is in the bottom right panel.

Page metrics for a node in Journey Analytics.

The Page Metrics panel updates whenever you select a new node. It displays the page type, which interaction it occurs in within the journey, and a complete list of the default metrics associated to the page. Refer to Default Metrics for information how metrics are calculated. The total sessions over which this is evaluated is the sum of interactions in the first node on the path, the current node, and the previous node on the path.

These metrics include the following:

  • Sessions
  • Conversion rate
  • Average time on page
  • Average page views
  • Average order value
  • Purchase count
  • Add to cart rate
  • Abandon cart rate
  • Revenue per session
  • New customer acquisition rate
  • New visitor conversion rate
  • Bounce rate

Bounce rate is displayed only on nodes in the first interaction.