Case Study: Define Your Goals

Now that you have a basic understanding of Monetate's customer experience funnel, it's time to apply what you've learned to a case study. This case study follows the fictional brand Fifth Level Fashion as it builds an experience as a personalization and testing program in Monetate.

The fictional online clothing retailer Fifth Level Fashion has several distinct product categories, styles, and products. It's already successfully uploaded a product catalog to Monetate.

Refer to the Product Catalog Datasets category of the Monetate User Guide to learn more about product catalogs.

To start, Fifth Level Fashion must define a goal to measure its success against. Without a predefined success metric, you cannot effectively determine if an experience has met your achievement criteria.

The first step here is to consider any explicitly stated corporate-defined goals and directives.

Equally important, explicitly stated goals or directives should be supported by data. They should be considered unproven hypotheses that need supporting data collected to become actionable theories.

Keep in mind that everything presented in these training materials is only the baseline for the strategic approach you can take with Monetate. The Strategy and Insights team is here to help develop a personalized approach to your specific business goals. Contact your Client Success Manager (CSM) for more information.