Drive Online Customers to Stores

The Problem

There are a lot of facets to your business: brick and mortar stores, mail order sales, and online shopping. Each piece plays an important role for your customers. You often run in-store promotions that offer discounts on items at individual stores. You want to ensure that your in-store customers are aware of these sales when they visit your site from their phone when they're in or near a store with a sale.


There are few single-channel shoppers. In fact, many customers shop online for the lowest price before they buy in-store. It's important to let your customers know about any opportunity they have to find the best deal. In-store customers also provide a chance for upsell and cross-sell opportunities. Your business needs to capitalize on all available channels, after all.


You can help your online customers find opportunities to interact with your brand in person through Locations Manager. One way to do this is to run a promotion for a free ship-to-store option.

The first thing you must do is upload a CSV file that contains the addresses of all retail locations. See Upload a Locations List for the steps.

After you upload the file to Monetate, create a new Web experience. Configure the WHO settings by selecting the Distance to many locations target from the Location target type. You can adjust the target's settings to determine what locations to target and how close to a location the customer must be to see the experience.

After you set up the WHO target, finish building the experience with a promotion for free shipping to a customer's closest store, and then activate it.

Next Steps

Now that you have an experience that drives online shoppers to a store, you may want to set up ID synchronization. This function ensures your customers see a consistent experience regardless of the device they use. Customers who see an experience on their phone but not on their desktop may become confused. This strategy is applicable for most experiences you deliver on-site. Consistency in messaging may help you drive conversion rate and other beneficial business metrics.