Product Catalog Page

This type of product catalog feed has been deprecated in Monetate. To avoid any potential complications, you should consider altering your catalog file to match the updated product catalog specification. Contact your Client Success Manager for more information.

Click Product Catalog (Old Spec) from COMPONENTS in the top navigation bar to access the Product Catalog page.

Callout of the COMPONENTS menu in the top navigation bar and of the 'Product Catalog (Old Spec)' option

The Product Catalog page shows at-a-glance details about all the products and categories present in the product feed that you upload to Monetate. At the top right of the page you can find the number of products, categories, and brands present in the feed.

View of the Product Catalog page, with a callout of the PRODUCT, CATEGORIES, and BRANDS counts

The timeframe for the most recent update to the product catalog appears at the top of the page.

Callout of the 'Catalog Last Updated' field

Click FEED VALIDATOR to validate a new feed file in XML, CSV, or TSV format.

Callout of the FEED VALIDATOR button

Update History

The Update History tab provides detailed information about any changes made to the product catalog.

Callout of the 'Update History' tab

Each entry includes total products, number of added products, number of removed products, number of updated products, number of invalid products, and the filename.

The Update History tab

You cannot take any action from the Update History tab. You can only view the information for each update.


From the Search tab, you can use a basic product name keyword search to look for specific items in the product catalog. Click ADVANCED SEARCH to input additional details for your search.

Animated demonstration of a user clicking the ADVANCED SEARCH button on the Search tab

You can view more details about each item in the search results by clicking VIEW RESULTS.

Callout of the VIEW RESULTS button for an item in the table of search results

The Details modal displays all the fields present for a given product, including missing fields.

A Details modal for a product found in a search


The Product Catalog page gives you quick access to the Categories, Merchandiser Sets, and Synonym Mapping pages.

Callout of the Categories, Merchandiser Sets, and Synonym Mapping links