Define a Goal

Before you begin to build any experiences in Monetate, it's absolutely vital to your success to determine what your goals are. This may start with a high-level corporate initiative or even something a bit more granular like "I want to sell more blue shirts." As you begin to develop and refine your personalization program, keep a running list of those goals as they will inform the direction for your Monetate program.

One of the most common things that many of our customers face is that executives and higher-ups in their organization authorize an initial investment into marketing technology (in this case, Monetate) with a specific metric or goal in mind. It is important to identify and define that goal.

Common Goals and Associated Metrics

  • Brand awareness or reinforcement — Increased website traffic, page views, social comments, video views, document views, or referral links.
  • Brand engagement — Blog comments, likes, shares, tweets, pins, and inbound links.
  • Lead conversion and nurturing — Increased email subscriptions, form completions or blog subscriptions.
  • Customer conversion — Increased online and offline purchases.
  • Customer loyalty/retention — Retention/renewal rates, a decrease in users who unsubscribe.
  • Customer upsell/cross-sell — Increased sales in new/related products or accessories.

Scratching the Surface

Keep in mind that everything presented in the methodology training materials is only the baseline for the strategic approach you can take within Monetate. The Strategy and Insights team is here to help develop a personalized approach to your specific business goals. For more information, contact your Client Success Manager.