Experience Priority

Experience priority is a system that determines which experience takes precedence on a site when multiple experiences use the same action or when actions have the same settings for an overlapping target audience.

For example, if you have one experience that targets returning visitors and another experience that targets visitors from Philadelphia, a returning visitor from Philadelphia would qualify for both experiences. If both experiences use the same action (such as replacing a hero banner), the experience with the higher priority is displayed.

Experience priority is listed in the PRIORITY column on the Web Experiences list page.

Callout of the PRIORITY column on the Web Experiences list page

Adjusting Experience Priority

To adjust the priority of an experience, change the number in the textbox for that experience in the PRIORITY column. Experiences with lower numbers take greater priority than experiences with higher numbers.

Animated demonstration of a user changing an experience priority

You can adjust the priority for any experience within a folder or from the All Web Experiences view of the list page.