Target Actions to Fire on Specific Product Detail Pages

You can create an experience with actions that only fire on specific page types for specific products in a product feed. This option is valuable if you want to display a banner or some other visual change on those specific pages to encourage customers to take a particular action or to present relevant promotions and sales. Action conditions are key to targeting the actions.

Creating the Experience

Follow these steps to create the experience.

  1. Click EXPERIENCES in the top navigation bar, and then select Web.

    Callout of the Web option in the EXPERIENCES menu of the top navigation bar


    Callout of the CREATE EXPERIENCE button

  3. Click WHY, select To serve everyone the same experience, and then click NEXT.

    Callout of the WHY settings, the 100% EXPERIENCE option, and the NEXT button

  4. Select a goal metric, adjust the secondary metrics as necessary, and then confirm that you've configured the WHY settings as you need.

    Callout of the SAVE button

  5. Leave the WHO settings configured to target all site visitors.
  6. Click WHAT and then click ADD ACTION.

    Callout of the WHAT settings and the ADD ACTION button

  7. Click Images.

    Callout of the Images option on the Action Type panel

  8. Click Insert Banner Below Product Title (PDP).

    Callout of the Insert Banner Below Product Title (PDP) action on the Images panel

  9. If necessary, generate a placeholder for the creative.

    View of the Insert Banner Below Product Title (PDP) action template with the placeholder shown

  10. Click ADD CONDITION, expand On product page, and then select Page includes products where pid =.

    View of the ADD ACTION selector, with the 'On product page' category' expanded and the 'Page includes products where PID equals' option selected

  11. Input the product ID into the action condition.
    1. In a new browser tab, load the product detail page for one of the products targeted by this experience, and then launch the Monetate Inspector browser plug-in to obtain the product's product ID.

      Callout of the product ID as displayed in Monetate Inspector

    2. Repeat this process for the other products you want the experience to target.
    3. Input each product ID into the action condition field.

      Callout of the action condition field

  12. Click CREATE.

    Callout of the CREATE button

Testing the Experience

Before scheduling when the experience runs by configuring the WHEN settings, you should perform a quality assurance check to ensure the action works as expected.

  1. Click PREVIEW.

    Callout of the PREVIEW button

  2. Navigate to each of the product detail pages to verify that the banner image placeholder appears on each one.

    Callout of the image placeholder as it appears on the product detail page

  3. After verifying that the action and the experience work as expected, navigate to a few different product detail pages not targeted to verify that the banner image placeholder does not appear on those pages.

    View of a product detail page that is not targeted by the experience and that does not have the image placeholder

After you confirm that the action and the experience work as expected only on the targeted product detail pages, return to the Experience Editor page in the Monetate platform to configure the WHEN settings as necessary and then click ACTIVATE.