Identify Areas of Opportunity

Knowing where to begin when you begin to use a brand new piece of software can be somewhat overwhelming. It's not always clear where to begin or how to get started. It's all too easy to get bogged down in trying to do too many things at once and end up spinning your wheels for too long. Therefore, start at the very beginning— identify where your areas of opportunity are.

Where to Look

Chances are your company purchased Monetate for a reason. Maybe it's taking too long to make updates on your site because your developer team is overwhelmed. Perhaps you want to start testing the performance of certain brand messages or imagery. Maybe you're looking to establish a more one-to-one relationship with customers. Whatever the reason was, these are all good places to begin digging into for areas of opportunity.

Leverage internal data and analytics to answer the following questions:

  • On what pages is traffic weakest?
  • Is the bounce rate too high on any particular pages?
  • Why aren't certain customers converting?

You can distill identifying areas of opportunity into the following process:

  1. Observe user behavior patterns across your site
  2. Compare the results of your observations to an industry standard baseline measurement
  3. Draw conclusions about where you can make improvements to your customer experience funnel

Keep in mind that everything presented in these training materials is only the baseline for the strategic approach you can take with Monetate. The Strategy and Insights team is here to help develop a personalized approach to your specific business goals. Contact your Client Success Manager (CSM) for more information.