Create a Free-Shipping Threshold Experience

A shipping threshold experience uses actions that only fire when a customer adds products to their cart that total a specific dollar amount. For example, you can build an experience that displays a free shipping banner when customers have added at least $200 worth of products to their carts. Configuring this type of experience is fairly straightforward and requires you have a working knowledge of action conditions.

See Action Conditions for more information.

Follow these steps to create a shipping threshold experience.

  1. Create a new Web experience and give it a name.
  2. Configure the WHY settings.
    1. Click WHY, select To serve everyone the same experience, and then click NEXT.

      Callout of the'To serve everyone the same experience' option of step 1 of the WHY settings and of the NEXT button

    2. Select the goal metric and then click NEXT.

      Callout of the goal metric options and of the NEXT button

    3. Adjust the secondary metrics as needed, and then click NEXT.

      View of the table of secondary metrics, with a callout of the NEXT button

    4. Confirm that the WHY settings are configured as you want, and the click SAVE.

      Callout of the SAVE button in step 4 of the WHY settings configuration

  3. Leave the WHO settings on the For all visitors default.

    Callout of the 'For all visitors' default setting for the WHO settings

  4. Configure the WHAT settings.
    1. Click WHAT and then click ADD ACTION.

      Callout of the WHAT settings and of the ADD ACTION button

    2. Select the type of action you want to use to inform customers about the free shipping offer. This example experience uses a banner image at the top of the page.

      The Action Type panel of the WHAT settings, with a callout of the Images category

    3. Select an action template.

      Callout of an action template configured to insert a banner image at the top of a page

    4. Configure the required and optional inputs of the action as necessary. To better understand the various inputs that may appear in the action template, refer to the documentation in Action Types.

      The 'Tippy Top Banner' action template, with a banner image that informs a customer they have qualified for free shipping

    5. Click ADD CONDITION, select Cart value, and then select Cart value ≥.

      Callout of the 'Cart value greater than or equal to' option in the 'Cart value' category of the ADD CONDITION selector

    6. Type the free shipping threshold into Cart value ≥, and then click outside the field to save it.

      Callout of the field into which a user types a value to complete the 'Cart Value greater than or equal to' action condition

    7. Click CREATE.

      Callout of the CREATE button for an action template

  5. Configure the WHEN settings as necessary. See Configure Experience Timing for more information.

After you configure the experience with the appropriate parameters, ensure that you test it.

Previewing the Experience

You cannot use Preview Mode with an experience that includes a cart value action condition. Therefore, you must temporarily configure the WHO settings so that the experience only appears to the people who will test it and then activate it.

See Preview Mode Limitations for more information about which actions and action conditions are not compatible with Preview Mode.

Follow these steps to test the experience to ensure it works as you expect.

  1. Modify the WHO settings by one of these methods:
  2. Click ACTIVATE.

    Callout of the ACTIVATE button

  3. Navigate to your site, append the URL with the query parameter if necessary, and then add one or more items to the cart so that the total is less than $200 to verify that the banner doesn't appear.

    Image of a retail site's cart page with one item in the cart totalling less than $200

  4. Add one or more additional items to the cart so that the total meets or exceeds the $200 threshold to verify that the free shipping banner displays as expected.

    Image of a retail site's cart page with two items in the cart totalling at least $200 and with the free shipping banner displayed

  5. Remove an item from the cart but maintain the total above the $200 threshold to ensure that the banner persists.

    Image of a retail site's cart page with one item in the cart totalling at least $200 and with the free shipping banner displayed

  6. Remove enough items so that the cart value is below the $200 threshold to test if the free shipping banner disappears.

Once you confirm that the experience functions exactly as you expected, pause the experience, remove the testing WHO settings, and then reactivate the experience.