Audience Explorer Overview

Audience Explorer is a customer segmentation and analytics tool that gives you instant insights into your customers so that you can craft nuanced audience segments, evaluate their performance across key metrics, and create experiences to serve to those audiences. Audience Explorer empowers you to narrow in on key factors that make up your customer audiences and how those factors drive business outcomes.

You don't need to run data collect experiences and wait for days or even weeks for the results to come in to understand your customers. Use Audience Explorer to get instant insights into how your customers perform across such metrics as the following:

  • Add to cart rate
  • Conversion rate
  • Average order value
  • Page views
  • Time on site

The goal is to use the insights you get from Audience Explorer to create high-impact personalization initiatives. You can get those insights in several ways, a few of which are explained here.

Comparing Audiences

Audience Explorer lets you compare two audience segments across key metrics, such as Conversion rate and Average order value. This ability is particularly powerful when you compare audiences to see how personalization initiatives impact their shopping behavior. For example, how well did your new promotion perform for new customers versus returning customers?

The information you gain from the comparison lets you iterate on personalization experiences to maximize lift for valuable audiences.

Understanding Customers Before Creating an Experience

Before you create personalization experiences, you should answer questions such as "Is this audience segment large enough to target for personalization experience?" and "Do I have audiences that share traits or behaviors that I can personalize around?" Audience Explorer helps you answer those questions by honing in on the exact audience you want to target.

Targeting Nuanced Audience Segments You've Created

Once you've identified and saved valuable audiences, you can use them as targets for an experience. Audiences you've saved in Audience Explorer appear as WHO targets for you in Experience Builder—select the audience you want to target.

Dissecting Customers After Running an Experience

You just completed an A/B test to see which layout of your site's product description page results in higher engagement as measured by the Add to cart rate metric. You know that variant A did better, but you want to understand how well the experience did for customers who looked at a certain product type, product brand, device type, or any number of attributes. You can now access this information with Audience Explorer.

You can take this idea one level deeper by looking at audiences who have seen multiple personalization experiences and see how that affects their shopping behavior.