Select the Experience Type That Best Fits Your Needs

Is your goal focused on agility? Is it focused on improving conversions? Is it based on something else entirely?

The tactics used in each experience type should support the goal metric, keep the audience in mind, and be cognizant of where the customer is in the Customer Experience funnel. There are four major categories of experiences that are ideally suited for a particular objective and audience.

Illustration of a pyramid with 'Agility' as the foundation, 'Optimization' the second level, 'Segmentation' the third level, and 'Automated Decisioning' at the top

Experience Types

The four main focuses of each type of experience serve different needs of your site:

  • 100% Experiences help keep your organization agile and allow you to make quick, hassle-free experiences on tight deadlines. They require limited or no development resources.
  • Standard Tests allow you to segment customers by audience and effectively optimize for those audiences using rules-based methods.
  • Dynamic Testing experiences offer automated decisions powered by machine learning for the best goal-oriented personalization for the largest segment of the audience.
  • Automated Personalization experiences offer unique, automated decisions powered by machine learning for the best goal-oriented personalization for an individual customer.

This table provides example tactics with associated goal metrics, audience, and conversion funnel.

Experience/TacticGoal Metric (KPIs)Target AudienceCustomer Journey
Flash sale countdown banner below the main navigation with a promotional code to drive urgency around a product or set of products during a short window of timeAdd to cart rateNo control, 100%Early in the journey (likely on landing) and consistently throughout to maintain the sense of urgency
Email signup lightbox on landing for new visitors only with new customer subscription incentive offerIncreased email subscriptionsNew visitorsLanding page only
Free shipping threshold banner offering free shipping on all orders over a specific dollar amount to test if the incentive drives additional cross-selling and a higher overall cart valueIncreased average cart valueSplit test, 50% vs. control groupSelect rate: After item added to cart, trigger the banner showing the remaining amount needed to reach the threshold

You can read a number of client success stories on Monetate's site for more insights.

The information presented in these training materials is only the baseline for the strategic approach you can take with Monetate. The Strategy and Insights team is here to help you develop a personalized approach to your specific business goals. Contact your Client Success Manager (CSM) for more information.