Set Time Zones for Sites

Setting the time zone for your site is an important step in the onboarding process that you should complete before you create and activate any experiences. Time zones are used in reports and for the timing of the actions in experiences.

Altering the time zone for your site after you've run experiences may skew the data available in Experience Results and Reports.

To manage the time zone settings for your site, click the settings icon and then click Sites.

Callout of the Sites option in the settings menu

The current time zone for each site is displayed once the site is selected from the list. To change the time zone, select the site and then select a location from the drop-down menu. The time zone text box utilizes predictive text and the convention Continent/City, For example, for a site located in Chicago, type America/Chicago.

Animated demonstration of a user selecting a time zone for a domain within their Monetate account

Some locations in South America require you to type Continent/Country/City For example, a site located in Buenos Aires requires you to type America/Argentina/Buenos_Aires. Locations with more than one word require an underscore between each word.