Product Finder List Page

Access the Product Finder list page by clicking Product Finder in the COMPONENTS menu in the top navigation bar.

Callout of the Product Finder option in the COMPONENTS top navigation menu

The Product Finder list page contains the following information for each questionnaire in the account:

  • The questionnaire's name, with the recommendation algorithm shown beneath
  • The recommendation strategy associated with the questionnaire
  • The number of active and inactive experiences using the questionnaire, or UNUSED if it's not associated with any experiences
  • The date and time when the questionnaire was created

The Product Finder list page

When your mouse pointer hovers anywhere within a table row, an additional options menu (...) appears at the far-right side of that row.

Callout of the additional options menu for a Product Finder questionnaire listed on the Product Finder list page

The options in that menu are as follows:

  • Create Web Experience: This option takes you directly to the Product Finder panel of the WHAT settings of a new Web experience.
  • Edit Product Finder: This option launches the Product Finder wizard
  • Delete Product Finder: This option, which only appears if the questionnaire is not associated with any experiences, allows you to remove a questionnaire from the account.

To delete multiple questionnaires, click the checkbox at the far-left side of the row for each one that you want to delete. After you select which ones you want to delete, click the trash can icon.

Callout of the trash can icon atop the Product Finder list page table