Customer Attributes Dataset Details Page

This content is only for clients with the one-click DATASETS option in the top navigation bar. If you click DATASETS and see Product Data and Customer Data listed as menu options, then this content doesn't apply to your account. Instead, see Customer Dataset Details Page.

You can view key information about a Customer Attributes dataset that you have uploaded to the platform both on the Customer Attributes list page and on its details page.

Customer Attributes List Page

To access the list page, first click DATASETS in the top navigation bar, and then click Customer Attributes in the left-hand category listing.

Callout of the Customer Attributes option in the left-hand category listing of the All Datasets list page

The following information appears for each dataset on the Customer Attributes list page:

  • NAME: The dataset's name
  • UNIQUE ID: The attribute in the dataset used as the customer ID
  • IDENTIFIER NAME: The identifier that connects the dataset to an ID Collector
  • EXPERIENCE USAGE: The number of active and inactive experiences in which the dataset is used
  • LAST UPDATED: The length of time since the dataset was last updated
  • UPLOAD: A quick-access button to access the API info or SFTP info for the account or to access the Upload Data wizard for the specific dataset

The Customer Attributes dataset list page

From the list page you can take certain actions for each dataset.

Viewing the Last Update Timestamp

The Customer Attributes list page conveniently shows how long ago the platform last processed an update for each dataset. To see the exact timestamp of the most recent update, hover your mouse pointer over the approximate last update (for example, 3 DAYS, 7 MONTHS) to view the exact information in a pop-up message.

A pop-up message with the exact timestamp of a Customer Attribute dataset's last update

If the last update for a dataset failed, then UPDATE FAILED appears instead of an approximate timeframe. Click that text to view more information about the exact error that occurred.

The File Upload Error modal

Finally, if a dataset only has a schema, then WAITING FOR YOU TO PROVIDE DATA appears instead of an approximate last update timeframe.

Callout of the 'WAITING FOR YOU TO PROVIDE DATA' message that appears for a Customer Attributes dataset

Click the upload icon to the right of this message to rectify the situation.

Dataset Details Page

To view the attributes within a Customer Attributes dataset and other information about it, click the dataset's name on the Customer Attributes list page to access its details page.

A Customer Attributes dataset details page

The details page offers opportunities to take certain actions.

Setting an Identifier Name

The platform allows you to create a Customer Attributes dataset without creating a new Identifier Name for it or selecting an existing one.

You cannot use a Customer Attributes dataset in an experience until it has an Identifier Name.

To add or change a dataset's Identifier Name, first click the pencil icon that appears next to No Identifier Name or the existing Identifier Name.

Callout of the pencil icon for the Identifier Name field on a Customer Attribute dataset's details page

Select an existing Identifier Name from the list, or type a new one into CREATE A NEW IDENTIFIER NAME and then click CREATE.

You can only use letters, numbers, and underscores in an Identifier Name.

Callout of the CREATE A NEW IDENTIFIER NAME field and the CREATE button

After you select or create an Identifier Name, click SAVE.

Callout of the SAVE button

Finally, click OK in the Create New Identifier modal.

Callout of the OK button on the Create New Identifier modal

If you create a new Identifier Name, it then becomes available for use with other Customer Attributes datasets.

Uploading Data

Clicking UPLOAD DATA on the far-right side of the details page presents three options:

  • API Info: Review key details about the account's API configuration for updating the dataset
  • SFTP Info: Review key details about the account's SFTP configuration for updating the dataset
  • Data File Upload: Access the Upload Data wizard either to update select rows through a partial update or to replace the entire dataset through a full update

Callout of the UPLOAD DATA button and its menu options

See Update a Customer Attributes Dataset via the Data API for more information about this dataset update option. Refer to Update a Customer Attributes Dataset via SFTP for additional guidance on the SFTP option. For assistance with the Upload Data wizard, review the information in Update a Customer Attributes Dataset.

Attributes Tab

The default view of a dataset's details page is the Attributes tab. Displayed here are all the attributes within the dataset. Click the name of any attribute listed to see the following information about it:

  • Format: The data type selected, which can only be STRING, NUMBER, BOOLEAN, or DATE
  • Can target by: The operators you can use when including this attribute in a filter, such as Has value, Equal to, or Starts with
  • Active Experiences: The name of any active experience, if any, in which the attribute is employed, with the name serving as a link to that specific experience
  • Inactive & Expired Experiences: The name of any inactive or expired experience, if any, in which the attribute was employed, with the name serving as a link to that specific experience

Detailed view of two individual attributes on the Attributes tab of a Customer Attributes dataset's details page

See Using the Add Attribute Modal in Update a Customer Attributes Dataset for more information about the function that you can accessing by clicking ADD ATTRIBUTE.

Update History Tab

The table on the Update History tab contains information about each successful and failed update for the dataset.

  • UPLOAD DATE: The number of days, months, or years elapsed since the specific file was uploaded; the exact date and time appears in a pop-up on hover
  • FILENAME: The name of the CSV or TSV file uploaded to the platform
  • SOURCE: How the file was uploaded to the platform, which can only be WIZARD, S3, or SFTP since the table doesn't include updates sent via the Data API
  • USER: The username associated with the upload action
  • UPDATE TYPE: The type of update submitted, Initial Upload, Full, or Partial
  • ROW COUNT: The number of rows contains with the file

The Update History table on the Update History tab

If the platform is processing a just-uploaded file, then a Current Updates table showing pending updates appears above the Update History table.

The Current Updates table of the Update History tab, which shows information about a partial update file currently being uploaded

To download any file that previously was uploaded or failed to upload to the platform, click the filename to save it to a location on your computer.