Custom Metrics in Experience Analytics

Follow these steps to view the analytics for a custom metric that you added to a Web experience.

  1. Click EXPERIENCES in the top navigation bar and then select Web.

    Callout of the Web option in the EXPERIENCES menu of the top navigation bar

  2. Search for or scroll to find the experience that includes the custom metric.
  3. Place your mouse pointer on the entry for the experience, and then click VIEW ANALYTICS.

    Callout of the VIEW ANALYTICS button that appears for an entry on the Experiences list page

Custom metrics appear after the default system metrics in the table on the Metrics tab of the experience results.

Callout of a custom metric in the metrics table on the Metrics tab of the Experience Results page

Click a custom metric to view various data and charts of its performance over time.

An event is tracked if it occurred at least once during a customer's session. Therefore, in the experience results the number of page events recorded represents the number of sessions during which the event occurred and not the total number of times the event occurred.

See the documentation in the Experience Results category for more information about the results data that you can view about a custom metric included in an experience.