Delete a Market

Follow these steps to delete a market.

You cannot delete a market that is used in a recommendation strategy.

  1. Click the settings cog and then select Sites.

    Callout of the Sites option in the settings menu

  2. Click Markets.

    Callout of the Markets tab

  3. Place your mouse cursor near the name of the market that you want to delete, and then click Delete when it appears below the market's name.

    Callout of the Delete button below a market name on the Markets tab


    Callout of the DELETE MARKET button on the Delete Market modal

If the market you selected in step 3 is not part of a recommendation strategy, then the Markets tab reloads after the final step, with the deleted market removed from the table.

If the market you selected is part of a recommendation strategy, then a warning message appears.

The warning message indicating a market was not deleted because it is part of a recomendation strategy

Unless the recommendation strategy or strategies using the market are deleted, you cannot delete the market. This action can impact experiences, possibly in multiple accounts, and is not recommended.