Product Badging Overview

The product badging feature allows clients to apply some treatment to specific items on product listing pages and product detail pages to draw site visitors' attention to those items to foster engagement. Product badging highlights key attributes of items that might not otherwise jump out to visitors navigating products on the site.

A product badge frequently appears as a digital promotional sticker displayed atop the product image to indicate that the item is a bestseller or a top-rated product. These labels serve as customer endorsements, allowing shoppers to more quickly locate popular products on a page.

Another product badging method uses inline HTML to present similar promotional messaging. This same method can also showcase price reductions (for example, "Save 20%!") or display static coupon codes ("Use coupon code SAVE20").

How Product Badging Works

As part of a standard Monetate implementation, JavaScript API method calls communicate every product ID (PID) and, optionally, every SKU present on each page. A product listing page may have some 25 PIDs (and SKUs), but a product detail page has a single PID (and SKU).

You can use a badging action in any type of Web experience selected in the WHY panel with any combination of target types selected in the WHO panel and with any other type of action selected in the WHAT panel to present a personalized experience to the site visitor.

You can create a badging action that applies the treatment to a specific item based on PID or SKU, a group of items that's also based on PID or SKU, or to a specific brand or product type that exists within a product catalog.


To use the product badging feature, your account must meet the following requirements:

  • Your contract must include it. Product badging is part of the Testing & Personalization — Enhanced product package. Contact your dedicated Customer Success Manager if you're unsure if your contract includes product badging or if you want to learn more about adding it.
  • Monetate implementation must be complete. To take full advantage of product badging, your site must have the Monetate tag in place; you must be using the Monetate JavaScript API to pass PIDs and, optionally, SKUs to the platform; and you must have uploaded a product catalog. See Components of the Baseline Implementation for more information.

Once your account meets these two requirements, then you can work with the Development Services team to create badging actions, which are custom to your site. Your dedicated Services team works with you to gather the requirements for the badging actions and then to train you on their tactical usage and strategic deployment.

Clients that leverage the Engine API for Omnichannel experiences can also use product badging, but there may be considerations around full-feature functionality. Talk to your Customer Success Manager to learn more.