Use Case: Create a Data Collect Experience

A Data Collect experience provides performance insight about your experience and the ability to sub-segment audiences.

Follow these steps to build a data collection experience.

  1. Click EXPERIENCES in the top navigation bar, and then select Web.

    Callout of the Web option in the EXPERIENCES menu in the top navigation bar


    Callout of the 'CREATE EXPERIENCE' button on the Web Experiences list page

  3. Click WHY, select To serve everyone the same experience, and then click NEXT.

    Callout of the WHY settings, the 'To serve everyone the same experience' option, and the NEXT button

  4. Select a goal metric and then click NEXT.

    Callout of the goal metric options and the NEXT button

  5. Adjust the secondary metrics as needed, and then click NEXT.

    Monetate recommends keeping all of these metrics intact so this data is present in your experience analytics.

    Callout of the secondary metrics options and a callout of the NEXT button

  6. Click SAVE.

    Callout of the SAVE button to confirm the WHY settings

  7. Leave the WHO settings configured to For all visitors since the experience must work for everyone who visits your site.

    Callout of the WHO settings on the Experience Editor page

  8. Click WHAT and then click ADD ACTION.

    Callout of the WHAT settings and the ADD ACTION button on the Experience Editor page

  9. Click Other.

    Callout of the Other option on the Action Type panel

  10. Click Data Collect.

    The Data Collect action and the Do Nothing action are the same type of action and achieve exactly the same result. Depending on a client's product bundle, both actions could appear on the Other action type panel.

    Callout of the 'Data Collect' action option on the Other panel, which includes the 'Do Nothing' action option as well

  11. Optionally, click ADD CONDITION to configure one or more action conditions to limit where this action fires. (For example, if you wanted it to run on index or product detail pages, then you'd configure an action condition using the Page type = option.) Otherwise, skip this step.

    Callout of the ADD CONDITION button and a view of the action condition category options available on the Data Collect action template

  12. Click CREATE.

    Callout of the CREATE button on the Data Collect action template

  13. Leave the WHEN settings unchanged since the experience should run indefinitely after you activate it.
    Callout of the WHEN settings on the Experience Editor page
  14. Click ACTIVATE to launch the experience on your site.

    Callout of the ACTIVATE button on the Experience Editor page

Data for the experience is available in Monetate 24 hours after you activate the experience.