Case Study: Identify Where Customers Are Bouncing

Fifth Level Fashion just implemented Monetate on its site. The company already knows that many customers reach the homepage and bounce, but it wants to explore where the customers are bouncing deeper in the funnel, or said a different way, customers who have moved past bounce rate in the funnel and into landing rate.

Illustration of the customer journey funnel, with a callout of where the bounce rate is highest and where the landing rate is highest

Ultimately, Fifth Level Fashion wants to determine where on its site customers are landing but aren't seeing any of its products.

To begin, the client uses a Data Collect action to see where a certain percentage of traffic lands but is not shown any products. This information helps the client identify segments of customers who land on a page where little content is shown. The client can use this information to identify notable demographics, personas, and technographics specific to this area on its site.

After running the experience and collecting enough data, the client determined that customers were not seeing any products and most frequently bouncing on its "No Search Results" page.

The search results page of Fifth Level Fashion's website. A message states that no products matched the 'black tie' search query.

The client now has identified an area of opportunity on its site that it can explore further throughout this process. The client uses this information coupled with goals and metrics defined earlier to continue building out strategy.

Keep in mind that everything presented in these training materials is only the baseline for the strategic approach you can take with Monetate. The Strategy and Insights team is here to help develop a personalized approach to your specific business goals. Contact your Client Success Manager (CSM) for more information.