Use Compliance Tools to Remove Customer Data

Compliance tools allow you to process "right to be forgotten" requests from your customers to comply with GDPR and CCPA. Submitting a removal request for a customer removes all records of that customer from the Customer View and any datasets you have. Customer records deleted in this way are deleted for all domains that exist within your Monetate account. Once submitted, requests are processed through a series of nightly batch jobs. Requests typically take between 24 and 48 hours to complete.

Submitting a "right to be forgotten" request does not prevent future data collection for the specified customer. You must ensure that you stop collecting any personally identifiable information for these customers.

Requests are submitted in the form of a CSV file with two columns. These columns denote the customer ID and time of request. An example of a request file is as follows:

customer_id, delete_request_time
ece066b73b2e3d5eebf2056efde1057f9b1ca9cee43ab6fd47850311b124abd0, 2021-01-25T20:31:15

The parameters are the following:

  • customer_id: The ID of the customer.
  • delete_request_time: The timestamp of when the customer submitted the request. This must be a time in the recent past and be specified in the syntax YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS.

Submitting a Request

Follow these steps to use the compliance tools to submit requests.

If you don't have compliance tools enabled, then submit a support ticket with your request to enable them using the Monetate Technical Support portal (

  1. Click the settings cog and then select Compliance Tools.

    Callout of the Compliance Tools option in the platform settings menu


    Callout of the 'ADD A LIST TO FORGET' button on the 'Compliance Tools' page

  3. Select Customer Data Privacy and then click NEXT.

    Step 1 of the 'Create Dataset Schema' wizard, with the 'Customer Data Privacy' option selected and a callout of the NEXT button

  4. Enter a name for the dataset and then click NEXT.

    Step 2 of the 'Create Dataset Schema' wizard, with the 'Dataset Name' field and a callout of the NEXT button

  5. Upload the CSV file for validation.

    Step 3 of the 'Create Dataset Schema' wizard, with a callout of the drag-and-drop area for uploading a CSV file

  6. After you verify the data, select Looks good and then click CONFIRM AND CREATE.

    Step 3 of the 'Create Dataset Schema' wizard, with a callout of the 'Looks good' confirmation and of the 'CONFIRM AND CREATE' button

The request now appears on the Compliance Tools page.