Markets Overview

The Markets feature in Monetate allows clients with many accounts to group accounts into a market and then apply operations within the platform to that entity instead of having to apply an operation to each account.

The following example illustrates the utility of Markets.

A retailer has an account each for many countries around the globe. It has identified multinational regions that each have its own trends and buying patterns. Some countries belong to more than one of these regions it has identified. Based on its research and analytics, the retailer creates a market for each region so that it can better target customers within that region, as shown in this screenshot.

The Markets tab of the Sites page in the Monetate platform settings

It can then build market-specific recommendation strategies as well as various types of experiences tailored to each region and only need to apply the experience to the corresponding market instead of having to apply the experience to each individual account. This screenshot shows a recommendation strategy that draws data from a specific market.

Callout of the 'Select a Market' selector on the  receommendation strategy configuration page

This same retailer later expands into a new country adjacent to an existing region-based market and adds an account for this new country. The retailer doesn't initially have enough local data to serve customers in the new country recommendations, but it can leverage the data from the market to which the new country account belongs to offer customers there targeted recommendations.