Web Experiences Overview

Learning a new platform can be an intimidating and difficult endeavor. Monetate understands that your business has many unique goals, internal motivators, and stakeholders across the organization with different needs. For that reason, Monetate's Intelligent Personalization Engine offers four different experience types to help you address all of these demands: 100% Experiences, Standard Test experiences, Dynamic Testing experiences, and Automated Personalization experiences.

Monetate's Intelligent Personalization Engine offers an easy-to-use, sentence-based interface that consists of four parts: WHY, WHO, WHAT, and WHEN. Each experience type uses these parts in the same manner, with the exception of Automated Personalization experiences, which use a fifth part, HOW.

Cartoon-like rendering of the WHY, WHO, WHAT, WHEN, and HOW settings of an Automated Personalization experience

100% Experiences

100% Experiences allow you to quickly make changes to your site content without any Web developer support. Make changes directly to on-page text, images, styles, and more without any coding knowledge. This experience type shows every site visitor in your defined audience the same experience.

Cartoon-like illustration of a 100% Experience that demonstrates how it appears for all customers

Standard Test Experiences

Standard Test experiences offer a controlled learning environment with a fixed traffic distribution. This experience type allows you to differentiate and understand how each split in the test performs. Standard Test experiences are static, utilize manual monitoring, and provide a high resolution of performance on all variations and a measured understanding of all metrics.

Cartoon-like illustration of a Standard Test experience that demonstrates how it served three different ice cream flavors and the percentage of customers who liked each flavor

Dynamic Testing Experiences

Dynamic Testing experiences use the performance of each variant to dynamically find out what's best for the majority of your audience. This experience type is the right choice when you have a small window of time to drive as many results as possible, such as for flash sales or other short promotions. In this experience type, the engine exploits the winning variant and shows it to the largest portion of your audience automatically.

Cartoon-like illustration of a Dynamic Testing experience that demonstrates how it served three different ice cream flavors and how the popularity of each flavor performed over time

Automated Personalization Experiences

Automated Personalization experiences leverage machine learning and your data to serve the most appropriate variant to each and every customer automatically. This is true one-to-one personalization and allows you to give everyone the flavor that they want. Automated Personalization experiences work best for long-term experiences and when driving ROI is your primary goal.

Cartoon-like illustration of an Automated Personalization experience that demonstrates served one-to-one personalization