Add Dynamic Text to Creatives

Content Builder's dynamic text feature allows you to build a creative that displays text that changes based on a customer's predetermined targeting value.

Dynamic Text Values

This table contains the out-of-the-box values that you can use with dynamic text.

Dynamic TextExample
US StateAny US state, such as Pennsylvania or Massachusetts
CityAny US city, such as Atlanta or New York
Media MarketAny US media market, such as Philadelphia or Los Angeles
CountryAny country, such as United States or Canada
Cart ValueAny cart value in the native site's currency, such as "\$100.00" or "\$5.99"
X — Cart ValueThe difference between a preset amount (x) and the amount in the cart
WeatherAny one of four weather values, including sunny, cloudy, raining, or snowing
Custom VariableAny custom variable currently defined in Monetate

NOTE: Custom variables must be sent via the setCustomVariables API method. A potential use case for this scenario would be one-time promo/voucher codes being sent to Monetate via setCustomVariables. Once you set the custom variable, it becomes available for targeting or display as a dynamic text in Content Builder.
Nth Closest StoreAny address from a spreadsheet or database supplied to Monetate

The following table contains the values that you can use with dynamic text after you upload a location list to Locations Manager. See Upload a Locations List for more information.

Dynamic TextExplanation
Closest Location NameClosest store name to visitor
Closest Location Address1Closest first line address to visitor
Closest Location Address2Closest second line address to visitor
Closest Location CityClosest city name to visitor
Closest Location State/RegionClosest state/region to visitor
Closest Location PhonePhone number to the location closest to the visitor
Closest Location Postal CodeClosest postal code to the visitor
Closest Location descriptionDescription of location closest to the visitor
Closest Location emailAn email address that corresponds to the location closest to the visitor

Adding Dynamic Text

Follow these steps to add dynamic text in Content Builder.

  1. Click COMPONENTS in the top navigation bar, and then select CONTENT.

    Callout of the Content option in the COMPONENTS menu of the top navigation bar

  2. On the Images tab, take one of the following actions:
    • Click UPLOAD FILE to upload an image file.
    • Click CREATE NEW to create a new image.
    • Click an image in Content Manager, and then click EDIT IN CONTENT BUILDER.

    Callout of the UPLOAD FILE button, the CREATE NEW button, and the 'EDIT IN CONTENT BUILDER' button on the Images tab of Content Manager

  3. Click Add Layer and then select Text.

    Callout of the Text option in the Add Layer selector of Content Builder

  4. Type the basic message into the text layer, and then apply font styling as necessary.

    You cannot apply boldface, italics, and other font-specific styles in Content Builder's text toolbar. Instead, you must use the appropriate font file from a specific font family. For example, if you want to use boldface Myriad Pro, you must first upload to Content Manager the Myriad Pro Bold font file. See Upload Fonts for more information.

  5. Click Add dynamic content in the text toolbar.

    Callout of the 'Add dynamic content' button in the text editor toolbar of Content Builder

  6. Select the dynamic text option that you want to use from Property.

    The text editor toolbar of Content Builder, with the Property selector expanded to show the dynamic text options

  7. Click OK.

    Callout of the OK button on the Add dynamic content modal

  8. Click anywhere outside of the text box to automatically generate a fallback text layer.

    The automatically generated Fallback text layer

  9. Click Fallback text layer 1 and then type and style as necessary the fallback text, which only appears to customers who don't match your targeting rules. (For example, if you're targeting based on city, a customer whose city cannot be determined sees the fallback text instead of the message containing the dynamic text.)

    Callout of the 'Fallback text 1' layer in Content Builder

  10. Make any other changes to the creative, then name it, and then click SAVE.

Previewing a Creative with Dynamic Text

Follow these steps to preview a creative to which you've added a dynamic text layer in Content Builder.

  1. Open the file in Content Builder.
  2. Click PREVIEW.

    Callout of the PREVIEW button in Content Builder

  3. Select an option from Preview with:
    • Longest dynamic text value possible
    • Fallback text
    • Shortest dynamic text value possible

    Callout of the 'Preview with' selector in the Content Preview modal

Click the X to close the Content Preview modal if you need to revise the file. Ensure you click SAVE after you make any changes.