Recommendation Strategies List Page

The Recommendation Strategies list page shows all the recommendation strategies for an account. To access it click COMPONENTS in the top navigation bar, then click Product Recommendations, and then click the Recommendation Strategies tab.

The Recommendation Strategies list page

You can create a new recommendation strategy by clicking CREATE RECOMMENDATION STRATEGY. Refer to Create a Recommendation Strategy for the steps.


Viewing Strategy Details

Click the name of a strategy in the table to view all its settings, to edit it, and to preview its results.

The EXPERIENCE USAGE column shows the number of active and inactive experiences a strategy is part of or if the strategy isn't used at all.

Callout of the EXPERIENCE USAGE column of the table of recommendation strategies. One strategy has zero active and 1 inactive experiences. Another strategy is unused.

Click ACTIVE or INACTIVE to open the Experiences modal, which has a list of active and inactive experiences in which a strategy is used.

The Experiences modal not only lists experiences configured with a recommendations action but also experiences configured with a Product Finder action or a Product Recommendations for Email action.

The 'Experiences for' modal for a recommendation strategies, with 1 active experience and 3 inactive experiences listed

Click the name of an experience in the modal to view it on the Experience Editor page.

The icon in the STATUS column indicates a strategy's processing state. A green icon indicates the strategy is ready to use, and an orange icon indicates the strategy is still being processed. Place your mouse pointer on the icon to summon a tooltip that either states that a strategy is ready to use along with the date it was last computed or states that the strategy is still being processed.

Filtering and Sorting Strategies

To see only the recommendation strategies that use a specific recommendation algorithm, select it from View.

Callout of the View selector that allows the user to select a recommendation algorithm to view a list of only those recommendation strategies that use the selected recommendation algorithm

To quickly locate a recommendation strategy, type its name into the search bar above the table.

If you select a recommendation algorithm from View and then enter a search query, the search is performed only on the strategies listed in the table, not on all recommendation strategies.

Callout of the search field in the left-hand category listing on the Recommendation Strategies list page

Click NAME to sort the table's contents in alphabetical or reverse alphabetical order.

Callout of the NAME column header in the table of recommendation strategies

Click MODIFIED DATE to sort the table's contents by the date the strategies listed were last modified in chronological order or reverse chronological order.

Callout of the 'MODIFIED DATE' column header in the table of recommendation strategies

You cannot sort the table by permission, experience usage, or status.