Recommendation Strategies List Page

The Recommendations Strategies list page shows all the recommendation strategies for an account. To access it click COMPONENTS in the top navigation bar, click Product Recommendations, and then click the Recommendation Strategies tab.

The Recommendation Strategies list page

To view only the strategies that use a specific recommendation algorithm, click that recommendation algorithm in the left-hand category listing. The total strategy account appears at the top of this listing, and each category shows the total strategies that use that specific recommendation algorithm.

Callout of the left-hand recommendation algorithm–based category listing on the Recommendation Strategies list page

To quickly locate a recommendation strategy, type its name into the search bar at the top of the left-hand category listing.

Callout of the search field in the left-hand category listing on the Recommendation Strategies list page

You can sort the table's contents in alphabetical or reverse alphabetical order at any time by clicking the NAME header. Sort the contents by creation date in chronological order or reverse chronological order by clicking the CREATED header.

Callouts of the NAME header and CREATED header

You can create a new recommendation strategy by clicking CREATE RECOMMENDATION STRATEGY. Refer to Create a Recommendation Strategy for the steps.


Click the name of a strategy in the table to view all its settings, to edit it, and to preview its results.