Configure an Inventory-Based Social Proof Action

Follow these steps to build a Web experience with a Social Proof action that displays messages based on product inventory levels.

If you want to add Monetate's Social Proof feature to your account, contact your dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM).

  1. Create a new Web experience, and then configure the WHY and WHO settings.
  2. Click WHAT and then click ADD ACTION.

    Callout of the WHAT settings and the ADD ACTION button

  3. Click Social Proof on the Action Type panel, and then click an action template.

    Template names may vary, and templates in your account may not include configuration specifics shown.

    The Social Proof action templates available for a Web experience, which include a Social Proof Cart Page template, a Social Proof Product Details Page template, and a Social Proof Product Listing Page template

  4. Select Inventory from Social Proof Type.

    Callout of the Inventory option in the Social Proof Type selector

  5. Select a product catalog from Inventory Data Source that contains the product inventory count you want to serve as a basis for the action.

    The product catalog that you select must include the quantity field in which inventory is passed to Monetate.

    Callout of the Inventory Data Source selector

  6. Type into Inventory Threshold the product inventory count to serve as the upper limit for triggering the message. The default setting is 10.

    So long as a product's inventory is between 1 and the number you input into Inventory Threshold, the message appears. The message does not appear when either a product's inventory is zero or is greater than the number you input into Inventory Threshold.

    Callout of the Inventory Threshold field

  7. If you selected an action template configured for use on pages that show multiple product IDs or configured for use on the cart page in step 3, then optionally type into Maximum Messages per Page the total number of messages that can appear on one page. The default setting is No limit.

    If the number of products that are eligible for the Social Proof message exceeds the per-page limit that you set in Maximum Messages per Page, then the Social Proof message appears on the products with the lowest inventory counts on the page.

    Callout of the Maximum Messages per Page field

  8. Optionally, customize the default message that appears in Social Proof Message, or replace the default message with a different one.
    • The default message for the Inventory type is "Hurry! Only {{count}} remaining."
    • You must include {{count}} to have it replaced with the inventory count that appears for the product ID in the quantity field of the product catalog that you selected in step 5.

    If you delete the default message and fail to input any message, the default message still appears when the action fires.

    The 'Social Proof Message' HTML code editor, with the Inventory-type default message that reads, 'Hurry! Only remaining.'

  9. Input the element selector in Relative Element Selector. See Element Selectors for more information about how to use this field.

    Callout of the Relative Element Selector field

  10. Select from Insert Method where the message should appear in relation to the selected element you input in the previous step.

    Callout of the Insert Method selector

  11. Optionally, add any of the following settings to the action:
    • In the appropriate editor, input, upload, or select JavaScript code that already exists in the account for any JavaScript creative you want to appear as part of the message.
    • In the appropriate editor, input, upload, or select CSS code that already exists in the account that you want appended to the DOM in a <style> or <link> element.
    • Toggle Select multiple elements, if matched? to YES if you want the message to appear in multiple places if multiple elements match the specified relative element selector.
    • Toggle Re-check for Elements toggle to YES if you want the platform to recheck every 50 milliseconds for up to 3 seconds if the specified element is not immediately found.
    • Toggle Only run once? to YES if you want the platform to insert the JavaScript only on the first track.

    If you're using an action template configured for use on pages that show multiple product IDs, then you must toggle Select multiple elements, if matched? to YES if you want the message to appear for all SKUs of a product ID if each SKU is listed separately on the page.

    The Option Inputs section of a Social Proof action template

  12. Optionally, specify additional criteria that must be met for the action to fire by selecting one of the options from ADD CONDITION, and then typing into the respective input field the necessary information to complete the action condition.
  13. Click CREATE.