Named Segments

You can save a group of WHO targets that you've configured in a Web experience as a Named Segment to use in other experiences. To do this, click SAVE AS NAMED SEGMENT on the Experience Editor page, give the new Named Segment a name, and then click SAVE.

You cannot create a Named Segment from the Named Segments list page available from COMPONENTS in the top navigation bar. You can only create one through the WHO settings in an experience.

Animated demonstration of a user creating a Named Segment

Once saved, the new Named Segment appears in the list of options available when you select the Named Segments target type.

Animated demonstration of a user clicking the 'Named Segments' option on the Target Type panel and then viewing the list of Named Segments options

The targets you want to save as a Named Segment must all be associated as "and" statements, or they must be all associated as "or" statements. You cannot save a Named Segment that is a combination of targets associated with both "and" and "or."

Using Named Segments

When configuring WHO targets for an experience, you can add a Named Segment that contains "and" statements and then combine it with the other targets as an "or" statement and vice versa. Be aware that you cannot save a Named Segment grouped with other targets as a new "nested" Named Segment.

Callout of the AND label showing that a Named Segment contains two targets joined by 'and' logic, and callout of the OR label showing that the Named Segment is joined by 'or' logic with a weather forecast target

You can remove a Named Segment from an experience by clicking its delete icon.

Callout of the icon to delete a Named Segment from the WHO settings

Editing Named Segments

You cannot edit the targets within an existing Named Segment, but you can ungroup the targets that comprise it from within the WHO settings of an experience by clicking UNGROUP NAMED SEGMENTS.

UNGROUP NAMED SEGMENTS appears in the WHO panel when at least one Named Segment is used as a target.

Callout of the UNGROUP NAMED SEGMENTS button

Once you ungroup the Named Segment, you can then edit the individual targets, add more, or remove targets. After you complete the changes to the individual targets, you can then group them into a new Named Segment without disrupting the functionality of the existing Named Segment.

Ungrouping the targets in a Named Segment from within an experience is a nondestructive operation. The Named Segment you've ungrouped continues to exist unchanged on the Named Segments list page and as an option on the Named Segments panel within the WHO settings in other experiences. The ungrouping only occurs in the experience in which you've clicked UNGROUP NAMED SEGMENTS.

Deleting Named Segments

The only way to delete a Named Segment is from the Named Segment list page. Access this page by clicking COMPONENTS in the top navigation bar and then selecting Named Segments.

Callout of the Named Segments option in the COMPONENTS menu

However, if the Named Segment you want to delete has been applied to an experience, then you cannot delete it even if the experience is inactive. An onscreen warning appears when your mouse pointer hovers on the delete icon for a Named Segment that you cannot delete.

The Named Segments list page, with a warning popup stating, 'This segment cannot be deleted because it is applied to one or more experiences'

When your mouse pointer hovers on the status icon for a Named Segment, a message appears indicating if it's associated with active experiences or with inactive experiences or if it is not associated with any experiences whatsoever. This screenshot shows the message that appears for the INACTIVE status.

The Named Segments list page, with an information popup stating, 'This segment is being used in inactive experiences'

Click the name of the Named Segment to view additional details, such as the active and inactive experiences with which it is associated along with the individual targets that comprise it.

View of the additional details about a Named Segment and the field to edit that Named Segment's name

You can also rename the Named Segment and archive it from this panel.