Enable Auto-Promotion for Experiences

You can configure experiences to auto-promote within Monetate. An experience must meet two guidelines to enable auto-promotion:

  • The control threshold as defined by the slider in the WHY part of the experience must be greater than zero.
  • The experience must not contain a split.

Follow these steps to enable auto-promotion for an experience.

  1. Click EXPERIENCES in the top navigation bar, and then select Web.

    Callout of the Web option in the EXPERIENCES menu in the top navigation bar

  2. Click the experience for which you want to enable auto-promotion.
  3. Click the additional options menu (...), and then select Configure Auto-promotion.

    If the experience doesn't meet the criteria, then Configure Auto-promotion is disabled in the menu.

    Callout of the additional options menu and the 'Configure Auto-promotion' option

  4. Click to toggle Enable auto-promote to YES.

    Callout of the 'Enable auto-promote' setting in the 'Configure auto-promotion' modal

  5. Input into Days before auto-promotion the minimum number of days that the experience must run before it's auto-promoted.

    Callout of the 'Days before auto-promotion' field in the 'Configure auto-promotion' modal

  6. Click SAVE.

    Callout of the SAVE button in the 'Configure auto-promotion' modal

Once you enable auto-promotion, the experience must meet the following prerequisites before it is promoted:

  • The experience must be currently active and have been active for at least the number of days specified in Days before auto-promotion.
  • The following conditions have been true for at least the number of days specified in Days before auto-promotion:
    • The experience's goal metric must have a positive lift above the minimum statistical significance.
    • The experience must not have any metrics with negative lift above the minimum statistical confidence.

Promotion Handling in the Platform

When an experience is promoted, Monetate automatically takes the following actions:

  1. It duplicates the original experience as a full experiment without a control.
  2. It pauses the original experience.
  3. It activates the new experience.

Monetate users can receive experience auto-promotion notifications. See User Account Settings in Manage Users for more information.