Legacy Recommendations Overview

The Product Recommendations add-on lets you show relevant and complementary products across your site with the use of algorithm-driven endcaps.

Product recommendations allow you to reduce bounce rate on your site, direct more traffic to product detail pages, and put the right products in front of the right audience segments.

Endcaps, the core feature in Product Recommendations, are controlled by actions added to the WHAT part of a Monetate experience. They're are a way to visually organize and crosspromote products on your site. You can populate them automatically with algorithms, some of which include Newest, Recently Viewed, and Top Selling. Alternatively, you can also populate endcaps manually with product IDs.

You can manually style endcaps with CSS and custom images and can place endcaps almost anywhere on your site. In addition, endcaps can be configured to autoscroll and can be swiped on touch screen and mobile devices.