Create an Offline Purchases Dataset

Follow these steps to create an Offline Purchases dataset.

All the attributes required for an Offline Purchases dataset must appear in the file header, with the attribute name matching the exact spelling and case. See the dataset specifications in the Offline Purchases dataset overview to ensure success.

  1. Click DATASETS in the top navigation bar, and then, if necessary, select Product Data.

    Animated demonstration of a user clicking the DATASETS option in the top navigation bar and then clicking the 'CREATE DATASET' button on the Datasets list page

  3. Select Offline Purchase and then click NEXT.

    Step 1 of the 'Create Dataset Schema' wizard, with 'Offline Purchase' selected and a callout of the NEXT button

  4. Name the dataset and then click NEXT.

    The name must begin with a letter and can contain only letters, numbers, and underscores.

    Step 2 of the Create Dataset Schema wizard, with a name typed into the Dataset Name field and a callout of the NEXT button

  5. Drag and drop the file into the upload area, and then wait for the platform to validate the data.
    • If the file fails validation, an error message appears that states the problem encountered. Revise the file, click RE-UPLOAD, and then drag and drop the revised file into the upload area.

      Step 3 of the Create Dataset Schema wizard, with a validation error message that reads, 'Whoops! There was an error processing your file. Missing required fields: purchase_id' An arrow calls out the 'RE-UPLOAD' button

    • If no errors are detected, ensure the sample shown is correct and then select Looks good.

      Step 3 of the Create Dataset Schema wizard, with a message that reads, 'Your file looks good!' and a callout of 'Looks good' checkbox


    Callout of the 'CONFIRM AND CREATE' button in the Create Dataset Schema wizard

Once Monetate finishes creating the schema, the details page for the newly created Offline Purchases dataset loads, with the Current Updates table showing the file you just uploaded listed and the PENDING status at the top-right corner. This status appears until the platform finishes processing the dataset.

The details page for a new Offline Purchases dataset showing the Current Updates table and the PENDING status

With the schema created, you can now update the dataset as needed, especially if you used a file that only contained a few rows. A full update replaces the entire dataset, and a partial update allows you to add new rows or update existing ones. See Update an Offline Purchases Dataset for more information.

You can access the dataset's files on the Update History tab of its details page in the Monetate platform.

Monetate retains dataset files for 180 days from the date it was uploaded. Once a file is out of this retention period, it still appears on the dataset's Update History tab, but you cannot download it.